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My Beautiful Laundrette A gritty English drama about racial tensions and the thriving underground economy in England during the 1980s.
Prick Up Your Ears A creative portrait of playwright Joe Orton's life and death.
The Hi-Lo Country Strong and heart-felt performances by Billy Crudup and Woody Harrelson make this an immensely appealing drama.
Mrs. Henderson Presents A comedy with music with a smashing performance by Judi Dench as an upper-class London widow who finds a new lease on life by starting a theatre.
Philomena A spiritual drama about the dynamics of faith, forgiveness, hope, and love.
The Queen An audacious cinematic triumph that humanizes Queen Elizabeth in a time of crisis and change.
Dirty Pretty Things A soul-stirring movie that will rock you to your foundations if you just come to it with an open heart.
The Snapper An unforgettable portrait of a loving dad who is also his daughter's knight in shining armor.
Tamara Drewe Stephen Frears' spiffy comedy of manners about infatuation, envy, jealousy, and adultery.
Mary Reilly A psychological thriller that nibbles at the edges of the theme of sexual repression and its perils.