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Jane A soul-stirring cinematic tribute to Jane Goodall and her reverence for chimpanzees.
Concussion A gifted Christian pathologist takes on the National Football League over the life-threatening consequences to players of violence in the game.
A Will for the Woods An enlightening look at the Green Burial Movement and its ecological and spiritual dimensions.
Dancing in Jaffa Proof that dancing is a healing force capable of turning an enemy into a friend.
The Lego Movie A spiritually literate animated film for people of all ages that affirms that everyone is special and everything is truly awesome.
The Monuments Men A morally cogent film based on a true story that lifts one's spirits
First Cousin Once Removed One of the best documentaries ever made on Alzheimer's which has been called the disease of the century.
That's What I Am An emotionally affecting coming-of-age drama set in the 1960s about the importance of the many splendored virtue of respect.
The Great Debaters An inspiring film about an extraordinary African-American debating team in the 1930s with the talent and determination to excel.
Water An extraordinary film which depicts the plight of Indian widows and their yearning for liberation.