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The BFG Delightful story of a gentle giant who brings wonder into the lonely existence of a 10-year-old orphan.
Pirke Avot William Berkson on breaking the cycle of insulting and bullying.
Microbe and Gasoline A funny, appealing and spunky French film about the summer adventures of two teenage buddies.
To Kill a Man A chilling Chilean film which offers a fresh take on revenge.
Fighting For Peace Christians are challenged to become active peacemakers in a world with violence on every street.
The Imitation Game An illuminating portrait of the large role secrets can play in our lives.
I Kill Giants An adventure story about a teenage girl who uses her imagination to cope with her fears and problems.
Sing Street A spunky romantic drama about a gifted singer and songwriter who is transformed by music and love.
The Big Book of Slumber Windows into the peaceful world of sleeping animals.
Boss No More How a mother guides her bossy son through a rough patch at school where he is rejected by classmates.