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NOVA scienceNOW: Where Did We Come From? Scientific projects that probe the many mysteries of evolution.
K-PAX A well-acted and spirited sci-fi drama with the message that we can all be medicine for one another if we only have eyes to see how.
Cave of Forgotten Dreams The German cinematic explorer Werner Herzog with a 3-D tour of the Chauvet Cave which houses art that is 30,000 years old.
Earth: One Amazing Day A beautifully photographed documentary with amazing footage of animals illustrating the survival of the fittest.
The Grand Unified Theory of Howard Bloom Profile of an eccentric and prolific techno-age philosopher.
I Am Human An engaging and thought-provoking documentary about cutting-edge brain science.
Transcendence A sci-fi thriller that is carried into our consciousness by Rebecca Hall's heartfelt and nuanced performance.