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Films about Ministers, Priests, and Nuns Our 12 picks for best films plus some extras.
Keeping Mum An English black comedy about a housekeeper who turns out be quite a miracle-worker in a dysfunctional preacher's family.
Priest A hard-hitting film about some of the challenges facing clergy making it clear that there is no future for any church that disregards forgiveness.
Love Free or Die A chronicle of the slow but steady changes put into motion by the first openly gay Episcopal bishop in America.
Grantchester British series about an Anglican clergyman who loves to solve crimes.
Higher Ground A spiritual drama that challenges viewers to map their own journey of faith, asking questions, and seeking a closer connection with God.
Saint of 9/11 An extraordinary documentary about Father Mychal Judge who followed his natural caring impulse into a life of compassionate service of others.
The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash A glorious documentary about the musical ministry of the Man in Black.
Stations of the Cross A spiritual movie for practicing empathy and compassion for fearful fundamentalists.
Raw Faith A vibrant and timely documentary about a progressive Unitarian Universalist minister and the challenges she faces in her public and private lives.