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The Rite A supernatural thriller with Anthony Hopkins as a seasoned exorcist introducing a young priest to mysteries of not knowing.
Doubt A brilliantly acted and thought-provoking spiritual drama about faith, openness, certainty, and not knowing.
United 93 An experience of being there on a doomed September 11 flight that could have watered the seeds of fear and hate inside us; instead, we found our hearts going out to people everywhere facing incomprehe…
My Cousin Rachel A compelling costume drama that leaves us in the dark with the nettlesome emotion of not knowing.
Global Spirit - The Art of Living and Dying Two sensitive and seasoned caregivers discuss the human dimension of dying and the preciousness of this transition.
Wake Up An intriguing documentary about a young man, his close encounter with the world of spirits, and his quest for peace and transformation.
Elemental Portraits of three environmental activists and the challenges they face to help stem the tide of ecological disaster.
Lucky The poignant story of the spiritual journey of a nonagenarian facing changes in his daily life.