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The Cunning Man A novel about an unorthodox physician known for his unsual diagnostic skills.
Paul A frolicsome comedy in which two Englishmen encounter a smart, witty, and gifted extraterrestrial on their pilgrimage to famous UFO sites in America.
Battle for Terra A sci-fi computer animated film about some nasty invaders and a resourceful teenage girl.
Rotor DR1 A friendly drone in this sci-fi feature comes across as a modern-day equivalent of R2-D2 in the Star Wars sagas.
Ursula Le Guin, An Appreciation Writer Ursula Le Guin died on January 22, 2018; she was 88. She believed that the imagination is "the single most useful tool humankind possesses." She certainly proved that to be true, turning the …
Little Joe Happiness is just a whiff away or is it?
Prometheus A combo science-fiction horror film and quest drama exploring the origin of our species.
Looper A nifty time-travel thriller that hits the mark.
The eyeball is filled with the scenes of pain The eyeball is filled with the scenes of pain
Enchanted Objects An introduction to the wonderful world of enchanted objects and the changes they will bring to our lives