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Edward LeRoy Long, Jr. in Facing Terrorism Peacemaking: A Transformative Model
Edward LeRoy Long, Jr in Facing Terrorism Seven steps for just peacemaking
Edward LeRoy Long, Jr. in Facing Terrorism Dealing with risk is a decision of faith
Facing Terrorism Edward LeRoy Long Jr. on forgiveness as an alternative to a violent response to terrorism.
Calming the Fearful Mind The master Zen teacher on compassion, deep listening, mindful communication, and community building as healing forces in our post 9/11 world.
Amorality in the War on Terrorism: A Commentary on Zero Dark Thirty Review of film Zero Dark Thirty challenging its message that the war on terror is outside the realm of morality.
Three Cups of Tea A one-man Peace Corps who has worked humanitarian wonders in Muslim communities in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Facing Terrorism Makes a good case for a servanthood ethics in these troubled times.
On Western Terrorism A thought-provoking examination of the massive injustices perpetrated on the world by Western imperialism.
Marianne Williamson in Everyday Grace Hatred itself is our deepest problem