Gabrielle Roth
• Creator of the 5Rhytms Movement Practice
• Author, workshop leader and theater director
• Dancer, musician and philosopher
Jonathan Sacks
• Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth
• Knighted by Her Majesty the Queen of England
• Internationally recognized professor and author
Jamie Sams
• Native American Holy Person of Cherokee and Seneca descent
• Writer on American Indian spirituality
• Retreat leader for the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge
Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
• One of the founders of the Jewish Renewal movement
• Catalyst for the spiritual eldering movement and founder of Sage-ing International
• Pioneer in interspirituality
Huston Smith
• Writer and professor of world religions
• Author of the classic text The World's Religions
• Multifaith practitioner
Malidoma Patrice Some
• Initiated elder of the African Dagar tribe
• Interpreter of West African spirituality for Western audiences
• Popular speaker and retreat leader
Sobonfu Some
• Widely respected teacher of African spirituality
• Founder of Ancestors Wisdom Spring
• Leader of workshops and retreats on indigenous wisdom
John Shelby Spong
• Retired bishop in the Episcopal Church
• Lecturer at seminaries and universities around the world
• Progressive Christian writer on social issues
Wayne Teasdale
• Lay monk in the way of the Christian sannyasa
• Activist in building common ground among the world's religions
• Trustee of the Parliament of World Religions
Howard Thurman
• African-American author, educator, and theologian
• A principal architect of the nonviolent civil rights movement
• Co-founder of the first major interracial church in the United States
Desmond Tutu
• Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
• Retired Archbishop of Cape Town
• Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in post-apartheid South Africa
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project