Angeles Arrien
• Cultural anthropologist and educator
• Consultant to businesses, organizations, and institutions
• Founder and President of the Angeles Arrien Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Research.
Robert N. Bellah
• Elliott Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of California
• Expert on role of religion in pre-modern and modern societies
• Best-selling author on American culture
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Daniel Berrigan
• Catholic priest, teacher, poet, and retreat leader
• Nonviolent peace and justice activist
• Member of a Jesuit community in New York City
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Robert Bly
• Minnesota's first poet laureate
• Extensive translator of poetry from around the world
• Key figure in the mythopoetic men's movement
Marcus J. Borg
• Jesus scholar and fellow of The Jesus Seminar
• Accessible teacher of the Christian way as a path of transformation
• Progressive Christian and advocate for compassion and justice
Beatrice Bruteau
• Christian philosopher
• Founder of Schola Contemplatonis, a network of contemplatives
• Pioneer of interspirituality
Frederick Buechner
• Writer of Christian devotional literature
• Novelist and memoirist
• Ordained Presbyterian minister
Sri Chinmoy
• International spiritual leader, author, poet
• Devoted his life to the pursuit of world peace
• Founder of Sri Chinmoy Centres International
William Sloane Coffin
• Peace and justice activist
• Eloquent speaker on the importance of faith and hope
• Preacher in the prophetic tradition of Protestant Christianity
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
David A. Cooper
• Retreat leader and meditation guide
• Teacher of Jewish Mysticism
• Rabbi
James G. Cowan
• Australian-born world traveler and student of spiritual traditions around the globe
• Advocate of Australian Aboriginal traditions
• Novelist and poet
Ram Dass
• Wise mentor for those on the path of compassionate service
• Pioneer writer on the benefits of being present
• Spiritual scout exploring the territory ahead
Anthony de Mello
• Jesuit priest and psychotherapist
• World renown speaker and workshop leader at spiritual conferences
• Pioneer of multifaith practices and storytelling
John S. Dunne
• Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame
• Catholic priest
• Musician and composer
Wayne Dyer
• Bestselling self-help author
• Storyteller and interpreter of religious classics
• Popular workshop leader on television
Eknath Easwaran
• Founder of the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation in California
• Erudite and compassionate spiritual teacher
• Translator and interpreter of Indian religious texts