Be a Counterculture Activist by Scott Russell Sanders recommends that we embrace our limits and accept the mystery.

Be Open to Others by Margaret J. Wheatley proffers kernels of wisdom about openness to new ideas, people and experiences.

Beginner's Mind by Allan Lokos illuminates a path to growth and insight through practicing the openness and wonder of seeing with the eyes of a child.

Child's Pose by Andrew Harvey and Karuna Erickson shepherds us through an embodied prayer of love and blessing for all creatures everywhere.

Could You Let It Go? by Arjuna Ardagh asks us to consider how the world would seem to us if we could let it – our belief, need, emotion, position – go?

Diploma in Not Knowing by Bradford Keeney espouses the value of a don’t know mind that surrenders to a spiritual experience.

Getting to Know You by Bernie S. Siegel suggests time away from entertainment and distraction to be still and know yourself.

Heart Meditation Practice by Jamal Rahman leads us through a practice of healing and empowering our sacred essence.

Holy Simplicity by Paula Huston nudges us to take the first step down the path of holy simplicity with one change at a time.

I Don't Know by Rachel Naomi Remen portrays the words “I don’t know” as a magic formula to be used often.

Imagine You See Jesus before You by Anthony de Mello gives us one of Saint Teresa of Avila’s favorite exercises for experiencing Christ’s love for us.

Kneeling in Prayer by Sharon Connors espouses the benefits of kneeling in prayer – prayer with a sense of belonging, receptivity, power, release, and trust.

Let Everyone Be Right by Brenda Shoshanna tells us to make space for the openness, variety and growth that comes with allowing others what is right for them.

Look a Homeless Person in the Eye by Alan Epstein inspires using eye contact to affirm our own and another’s humanity.

Credit: Andrew Milligan /PA Wire Secret Acts of Kindness by Joseph Telushkin encourages us to do some act of kindness on a routine basis that remains unknown to others.

Seeking Strength by Frances Sheridan Goulart provides a Native American Prayer for strength and victory in the spiritual journey, and some suggestions for how and when to use it.

Small Voluntary Sufferings by Tom Cowan suggests that we secretly deny ourselves in small ways to signify our consideration of those who suffer greatly.

Tripping Ourselves by Bradford Keeney points us toward the absurd experience and natural catastrophes in our everyday lives for discovering the true and sacred.

Understand True Humility by Jean Smith places humility in the context of knowing our strengths, limitations, and interconnectedness with all beings.