Explore Progressive Christianity
Protestants have been the leaders of the burgeoning Progressive Christianity. These five books describe it: Living the Questions by David M. Felten and Jeff Procter-Murphy, What Does a Progressive Christian Believe? by Delwin Brown, A New Spiritual Home by Hal Taussig, Open Christianity by Jim Burklo, and Whose Gospel? by James A. Forbes. See also our Topic page on Progressive Christian Spirituality, including Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat's vision of it.

Social Justice Activists
Protestants have always revered prophets who speak truth to power and call us to conscience, such as William Sloane Coffin Jr., Will D. Campbell, Jim Wallis, James A. Forbes, Joan Brown Campbell, Donna Schaper, Tony Campolo, Howard Thurman, and Walter Wink.

Inspirational Protestants
The lives and writings of these Protestants are presented in Orbis Books' "Modern Spiritual Masters Series": theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, social activist Rufus Jones, theologian Dorothee Soelle, writer Howard Thurman, and pacifist Clarence Jordan.

Sharing Their Gifts with Us
Protestant women have been leaders in sharing the Word: Anne Lamott, Krista Tippett, Diana Eck, Sallie McFague, Cathleen Falsani, Flora Slosson Wuellner, Beatrice Bruteau, and Jane Vennard.

Teaching Stories and Spiritual Memoirs
In these spiritual memoirs, writers probe their faith in the context of the church: Bethlehem Besieged by Mitri Raheb, Open Secrets by Richard Lischer, How Coffee Saved My Life by Ellie Roscher, Breathing Space by Heidi Neumark, and My God and I by Lewis B. Smedes.

Mapping Faith's Movements
Over a long career, Protestant theologian Harvey Cox has mapped faith's movements. His recent writings cover the rise of Pentecostal Spirituality, the challenges and rewards of interfaith marriage, and an overview of church history and the present Age of the Spirit we are now experiencing.

A Hopeful and Holy Future
Be grateful that we have Brian McLaren exploring the territory ahead! Check out his books We Make the Road by Walking; A New Kind of Christianity; Everything Must Change; Naked Spirituality; The Secret Message of Jesus; Finding our Way Again; Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Muhammad Cross the Road?

The Firepower of Forgiveness
In Holy Adventure: 41 Days of Audacious Living, Bruce G. Epperly envisions Christians as co-creators with God and menders of the world. In this excerpt, he promotes the spiritual practice of forgiveness as a spur to inner and outer healing.

The Grace and Resiliency Within Us
In A Life of Being, Having, and Doing Enough, Wayne Muller challenges us to orchestrate our lives around simplicity and gratitude. In this excerpt he presents fierce grace and resiliency as two antidotes to the sorrow, suffering, and sadness which has overtaken the lives of so many people.

Worship, Bible, Sermons, and Hymns
Enjoy these resources for worship services, which range from the latest thing to the old-fashioned and time-honored: The Art of Curating Worship by Mark Pierson, The Good Book by Peter J. Gomes, The Collected Sermons of Walter Brueggemann, A Closer Walk by Nancy Roth, and Hallelujah: The Poetry of Classic Hymns by Anna Marlis Burgard.

A Companion for Your Spiritual Journey
The Upper Room Dictionary of Christian Spiritual Formation, edited by Keith Beasley Topliffe for the United Methodist publishing house, is a welcome introduction to the key people, practices, and ideals of Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Christianity. Fifty scholars share 470 articles on subjects such as prayer, hope, discipline, love, conformity to God's will, and stages of spiritual growth.

Many Different Ways to Pray
In The Way of Prayer, Protestant seminary professor and spiritual director Jane Vennard offers a variety of ways to jump-start our devotional lives. Then, in this excerpt, she ponders the quest to find "icons of God" in animals, the natural world, the city, pieces of art, and people (each and every one bearing God's image).