Ways to practice Being Present include living in the present moment, haiku, free intuitive writing, gardening, practicing the presence of God, and the specific practices below.

One person, looking very small gazing at the reflection of mountains in a lake.Blessing This Day by Caroline Myss and Frances Sheridan Goulart encourages us to live in the present tense, remembering this is all we have.

Calming, Smiling, Present moment, Wonderful moment by Thich Nhat Hanh shares his ideas about treating ourselves to feeling calm, smiling, and being present.

A stool bathed in light with a plant and a to-do list on it.Closest to the Light by Jamal Rahman suggests making the most of each day by giving priority to tasks that hold the greatest sacredness and meaning.

A clock with no numbers, just the word "now" at every hour.Don't Watch the Clock by Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat beckons us to the present moment with the suggestion that we follow our intuition rather than the clock.

A man of color with his eyes closed and his arms stretched out above his head, with his hands clasped.The Examen Prayer and the Body's Knowing by Christine Valters Paintner helps us practice the presence of God by asking questions about what drains our energy and what restores it.

Free Intuitive Writing by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat uses writing to get in touch with the present.

An older man in a cowboy hat, painting at an easel outside.Fully Enjoying Your Hobby by Tom Cowan recommends appreciating our creative endeavors as if this might be the last time we enjoy them.

A stop light overhead with a stop sign under it.Gatha for a Stop Sign by Barbara Ann Kipfer shares a means for returning to the here and now with a breath and a smile.

Here-and-Now Exercise by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat describes a journal exercise for this very moment.

A young dark-haired woman sitting on a park bench, just gazing and thinking.Intentional Laziness by Tom Cowan reminds us to attend and open to whatever movements pass through us.

A craggy man looking into the camera with his hand on his chin.Let Me Think About That by Allan Lokos helps us to be fully present in our conversations while avoiding quick decisions we might regret later.

A closeup of a seedling with dew drops just about to fall off it.Live in the Present by Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat delineates phrases that we tend to use to indicate past or future, so that we can bring even our language into the present.

A woman in a ponytail, sitting on a railing, gazing off at the ocean in front of her.Look at the View by Anna Quindlen reminds us to be here in attendance -- to see what is right in front of us.

One single flower on a stem.Looking without Judgment by Pragito Dove teaches a technique for being present with what is by finding a greater flexibility, openness, and receptivity within ourselves.

A line of Buddhist monks in orange robes, sitting in prayer position.Nothing Happens Next by Clark Strand carries us into the present with a memorable cartoon image.

The Present of Presence by Joyce Rupp offers a prayer and numerous suggestions for giving the gift of presence.

Young Asian man leaning back into his arms in the sun with his eyes closed.The Sacred Pause by Tara Brach explores a way that we can begin life freshly by relaxing and paying attention to our immediate experience.

A young Asian woman sitting on the window seat typing on her phone, but deep in thought looking out the window.Sending an Email by Pragito Dove brings our full awareness and presence to an activity that can be an exercise in relaxation and good relations.

A line of penguins on the beach.Standing in Line by Arjuna Ardagh counsels us to sink into the moment with the art of body awareness and deep attention.

A doctor sitting alone on a chair with his hands clasped under his chin, thinking.This Suffices by Brenda Shoshanna offers ideas for fostering contentment with what we have at present.

An elderly man sitting up in bed and stretching.Waking Up Practice by Thich Nhat Hanh presents a vow to live fully in each moment and to look with eyes of compassion.

More Spiritual Practices about Being Present