The Spiritual Practice of Patience The world's spiritual traditions tell us that patience is good to have in times of stress and difficulty. Here are things you can do every day to increase your supply. Being Present
Reverence for Life Sadly. we have all seen pictures of humiliated and tortured Iraqi prisoners. The antidote? Reverence for life, a practice shared by the world's religions. Reverence
Spiritual Responses to Security Concerns The issue in the headlines is security. Yet spiritual teachers from all traditions have made it clear that security is an illusion. Compassion
Holding Up Hope It may seem strange to focus on hope when so much despair-inducing evidence is accumulating. But peril and despair breed hope, not the other way around. Hope
Gladiator Culture - Part 2 Here are practices to help you opt out of our adversarial culture, which thrives on competition, the media, and a societal preference for winners. Shadow
Gladiator Culture - Part 1 Entertainment in the twenty-first century has become a gladiator sport. Millions tune in for the chance to give a thumbs up or thumbs down. Shadow
War Movies for Empathy Practice Films that help us understand what soldiers go through during war. Compassion
Talking with Children about War What do we tell children about war? We have collected some children's books that would be good entry points for these discussions. Hope
Vigils for Peace Vigil-keeping is a time-honored way of responding to danger, crisis, and even death in most religious traditions. Beauty
Little Courtesies "What can we do?" is a question we're hearing a lot these days. Spiritual teachers agree that what's important is that we do something, even if it's small. Kindness
Facing Fear Dealing with fear is a major spiritual challenge of our time. Our readings explore how we can turn this challenge into an opportunity for spiritual growth. Being Present
Empathy Practices We need to develop our ability to be sensitive to others' feelings if we are to truly live out of an awareness of one-world consciousness. Compassion
Shock and Awe There is spiritual significance in a word associated with awe: reverence. Imagine what would happen if any country tried to shock the world with its reverence. Reverence
One World This is one world. But what does that mean in wartime? Unity
Our Wartime Spiritual Practices A discussion of what we are doing to keep our souls alive in wartime. Peace
Lamentation In response to the death and destruction of war, wisdom on the spiritual practice of weeping. Compassion
Living in Wartime An overview of the Spiritual Literacy in Today's World project of Spirituality & Practice. Key is an understanding that we are living in "wartime," defined broadly as a time of growing separation, cha… Peace
Peace Is the Way A collection of light-filled quotations about peace from teachers of all traditions. Peace
The Spiritual Practice of Hospitality Readings and practices in tune with the broad trend toward religous tolerance in the United States. Hospitality