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Once Upon a River Coming-of-age story about a Native American woman who benefits from the kindness of strangers.
Simon and the Oaks The quest of a sensitive Swedish boy to find meaning during his troubled entry into manhood.
An Education An alluring coming-of-age drama that provided a multi-textured study of the power and poignancy of human desire.
Northern Borders The coming-of-age of a patient and resilient boy during his stay with his eccentric grandparents in Vermont.
Billy Elliot The whimsical and inspiring tale about a boy growing up in an English mining town who yearns to become a ballet dancer.
The Tobacconist Story of a boy whose coming-of-age includes becoming friends with Sigmund Freud.
The Kings of Summer A rebellious and creative Ohio teenager tries to forge his own passage from adolescence into manhood in the woods with two buddies.
The Spectacular Now A wonderful film that immerses us into the emotional lives of two vulnerable teenagers in love as they move forward in their tenuous relationship.
Whip It A spunky coming-of-age dramady about roller-derby that boasts another stellar performance by Ellen Page.
Nearing Grace A fine coming-of-age drama about a sexually eager young man who discovers that anything is possible with a friend who is loving and trustworthy after years of giving and forgiving.