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State of the Union Ten ten-minute films in which a couple grapples with the difficulties of maintaining an intimate relationship in our hurried times.
Paper & Glue Inspiring stories behind JR's monumental, creative, socially conscious immersive art.
Global Spirit - Sacred Ecology Phil Cousineau interviewing Joanna Macy and Michael Tobias on ecology and the spiritual challenge to save the planet.
News of the World Western about the healing power of storytelling and kindness as a spiritual practice.
Truman A heart-affecting drama about dying, grief, friendship, and love.
Viktoria A highly stylized Bulgarian film about the yearning of a reluctant mother and the odd experiences of her unconventional daughter.
Goodbye to Language The elder filmmaker's take on our world of separations and alienation.
Hope Gap An old-fashioned drama about love and divorce that touches the heart.
Ad Astra A thought-provoking parabolic science fiction film about the transformation of an astronaut hobbled by a wounded feeling function.
Camille Claudel 1915 An eerie and austere film charting the nightmarish response of the French sculptress to her imprisonment in an asylum.