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The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
A tribute to a creative, determined, and compassionate African boy.
The Favourite
A battle of wits and wiles with absolutely delicious performances.
Madeline’s Madeline
A kinetic, surreal, and utterly unique coming-of-age drama.
What They Had
A wonderfully human portrait of a family facing a crisis that brings them all to a deeper, richer, and more rewarding life together in love.
The Charmer (Charmoren)
A spare psychological thriller chronicling an immigrant’s desperate attempt to belong, thrive, and connect.
A lush, elegant biopic chronicling a life lived outside the lines.
Becoming Astrid
A rousing biopicture about the popular and unconventional children's book writer.
An impressive domestic drama illustrating emotional literary and the spiritual practice of impermanence.
Bikini Moon
A meandering mockumentary with flights of fantasy and fierce social critique.
Monsters and Men
A muted but majestic exploration of explosive violence, ethical conundrums, and elusive justice.