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Gratitude for a Decrease in AIDS-related Deaths O Healer, who watches over all living with the HIV virus around the world, we give thanks for the researchers and the scientists who have given us effective drugs that have decreased the number of A…
World AIDS Day Ideas, practices, and DVDs to accent the crisis and things to be done to raise awareness about this global epidemic.
Without the King A documentary about the last ruling King in Africa which shows that the offspring of absolute political power is injustice.
The Event An AIDS drama featuring Olympia Dukakis in a stirring performance.
The Weekend A compelling drama about grief based on a novel by Peter Cameron.
How to Survive a Plague A documentary on the impact of a passionate group of dedicated and creative individuals in raising awareness of the AIDS epidemic.
Paul Monette: The Brink of Summer's End A moving documentary about this talented gay writer and activist.
Boys on the Side A touching drama about some idiosyncratic people who must learn how to help and be helped by those who cherish them.
Philadelphia Conveys the hornet's nest of ignorance, prejudice, half-truths, and devastating lies connected with AIDS.
Longtime Companion Helps us understand the bravery and gallantry of those who have been forced in the prime of life to confront death and grief.