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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol One of the best Mission Impossible flicks with several adrenaline- pumping action sequences.
The Operative An espionage story that gets us wondering who we trust and why.
Spectre The 24th Bond film in which the macho hero addicted to peril must choose between the path of revenge or love.
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy A top-drawer espionage thriller starring Alec Guinness in an award-winning role as a British spy given a morally challenging assignment.
Our Kind of Traitor An old-fashioned thriller that has some interesting things to say about heroism, trust, and conscience.
A Good American A hard-hitting documentary about the misuse of power by the National Security Agency.
Fallout A dramatic and poignant examination of the birth of the Nuclear Age.
The Catcher Was a Spy The true story of a baseball player who loves both games and secrets.
A Most Wanted Man A poignant glimpse of the war on terror and the vulnerability of a burnt-out German intelligence operative.
The Hour A rich six-hour smorgasbord of espionage, politics, television news, and sexual politics.