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Thank You for Smoking A snappy satire about smoking, corporate shenanigans, and the spin that keeps everything rolling along in these amoral realms.
Bad Words A dark comedy about the toxic speech of an angry, nasty, and self-destructive man.
Change of Plans A French film about the messy and perplexing dimensions of mid-life crises and the different ways people deal with them.
Human Capital A morality play about economic inequality.
All the Money in the World A thought-provoking morality play about the value of money.
The Fitzgerald Family Christmas A holiday drama that depicts the miracle of forgiveness in the midst of a storm of familial conflict and misunderstandings.
Wild Rose Surprising story of a Scottish single mother who aspires to be a Nashville singing star.
Happy Christmas An appealing comedy filled with authentic everyday life scenes revolving around marriage and siblings.
Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine A thought-provoking and ethically-charged documentary about the Apple computer entrepreneur.
The Favourite A battle of wits and wiles with absolutely delicious performances.