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Films Set in India A collection of some of our favorite films about individuals experiencing the challenges and rewards of life in India.
Invisible People Films dealing with homelessness along with a couple of spiritual practices.
Life of Pi A visually stunning and powerful drama that teaches us much about faith.
Beyond Our Differences A worldwide portrait of men and women of different religions who walk the talk of faith and aim to mend the formidable conflicts of the 21st century.
The Power of Forgiveness A moving and multileveled examination of the religious, spiritual, and scientific values of forgiveness.
Not In This Town Makes a good case for civic activism and for interfaith cooperation in the continuing challenge to move people beyond hate.
The Other Side of the Mountain, Part 2 Marilyn Hassett as Jill Kinmont, who won two 1956 Olympic ski competitions, then was paralyzed after a ski accident during the Snow Cup Race.
Altars of the World A fine survey of Western and Eastern devotional practices.
Sacred An intimate portrait from 25 countries of religious rituals and practices that are meaningful to individuals and communities.
Children in Jeopardy A collection of films that depict the plight of children in today's world.