DVD Reviews

American Honey A road movie about two youth who cope with wounded feeling function by seeking adventure on the road. Transformation
Sold A hard-hitting film about a 13-year old Nepalese girl whose parents send her to work in India where she ends up in a brothel. Shadow
Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Fou… An account of a miscarriage of justice that reveals the enduring and scary shadow elements afoot in American society. Justice
Peter and the Farm An unusual documentary about the flaws and vulnerabilities of an organic farmer. Meaning
Ali and Nino A love story between a Muslim and an Eastern Orthodox believer that is also a history lesson about oil-rich Azerbaijan. Love
Magnus A pleasant and entertaining Norwegian documentary about the acclaimed wizard known as the Mozart of Chess. Play
Best and Most Beautiful Things A documentary about a confident young woman who despite her disabilities makes a daring transition into independent living. You
Snowden An inspiring portrait of a courageous whistle-blower who alerted us to the demise of privacy. Shadow
A Man Called Ove A Swedish dramedy about the strange and wonderful ways in which a difficult person's heart can be tenderized. Transformation
Coming Through the Rye An appealing drama about the quest of a creative young man to visit his hero, J. D. Salinger. You
Sully A tense ethical thriller probing heroism and the fallibility of computers. Compassion
Hitchcock/Truffaut A documentary tribute to the career of the director Alfred Hitchcock. Imagination
O. J.: Made in America A substantive and often sensationalistic documentary about the downfall of O. J. Simpson and the rage of African-Americans against injustices. Shadow
Life, Animated The hero's journey of a young autistic man who has found personal expression and meaning through Disney animated movies. You
Florence Foster Jenkins A multi-leveled love story about a passionate lover of music who can't sing. Love
Hooligan Sparrow A portrait of a women's rights activist who speaks truth to power in China. Justice
Little Men A sensitive and dramatic rendering of how two Brooklyn boys become emotionally literate. Love
Landfill Harmonic An astonishing documentary about a youth orchestra that will stir your soul and bring you tears of joy. Transformation
Saving Mes Aynak An Afghan archaeologist's passionate attempts to defend one of this century's most significant discoveries of a sacred site. Questing
Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story A spunky and edifying documentary on the epidemic of food waste in America. You
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