DVD Reviews

The Midwife A satisfying dramedy about a woman seeking fresh directions and adventures during middle age. Transformation
Alex and Eve A dramedy about the challenges of accepting diversity and interfaith marriage. Openness
Maudie An inspiring portrait of the resilience of a crippled but immensely creative woman. Love
Churchill An engaging look at Winston Churchill's inner struggle in old age as he faces his diminished powers and his vulnerability. Transformation
A Ghost Story A moving and minimalist ghost story that delivers food for thought about travels through time and the art of letting go. X-The Mystery
The Farthest Top-drawer documentary on the astonishing mission of the Voyager spacecrafts past the outer planets of our solar system and beyond. Wonder
David Lynch: The Art Life A documentary in which filmmaker and artist David Lynch shares stories about his past. Imagination
The Death of Louis XIV An unusual French film about death and dying. You
Queen of the Desert An epic portrait of Gertrude Bell, an English explorer, polymath, and astute political analyst of the Middle East. Meaning
The Hero A portrait of an old actor facing his mortality, flaws, heartbreak, and regrets. Love
The Big Sick A hilarious and touching romantic comedy that qualifies as one of best films of 2017. Love
The Vietnam War An immersive portrait of a century of conflicts in Vietnam and the decision-making behind them, featuring accounts from American and Vietnamese witnesses and you-are-there archival images. Shadow
The Music of Strangers A rounded and rousing look at the talented Silk Road Ensemble musical collective. Play
Abacus: Small Enough to Jail The little-known story of the trial of a Chinatown family-owned bank in the wake of the financial debacle of 2008. Justice
Beatriz at Dinner Drama about the values conflict between a New Age holistic healer and a famous real-estate tycoon. Shadow
The Reagan Show An expose of how politics became spectacle during the Reagan Presidency. Meaning
Heat and Dust Weaves a magical spell as an exploration of romance and as a sensitive cross-cultural study. Openness
Paris Can Wait A diverting drama about the bounties of wonder, beauty, and the art of being present to the delights of the senses. Wonder
My Cousin Rachel A compelling costume drama that leaves us in the dark with the nettlesome emotion of not knowing. X-The Mystery
Dean A touching dramedy about the different styles of grief. Meaning
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