DVD Reviews

Fire at Sea A heart-rending documentary about a small island between Libya and Sicily where illegal immigrants from Africa stop on their way to Europe. Shadow
Ali and Nino A love story between a Muslim and an Eastern Orthodox believer that is also a history lesson about oil-rich Azerbaijan. Love
Miss Sloane A tense political thriller about a smart and sassy Washington lobbyist whose primary ethic is winning. Shadow
Julieta An immersive mother-daughter story that vividly explores emotional literacy. Love
Being 17 A compelling French drama that enables us to savor the poignant mysteries of love, yearning, and sex. Love
Collateral Beauty A poignant meditation on the dark clouds of grief. Love
Fences A poignant screen adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play in which Denzel Washington stokes the fire in his belly. You
The Brand New Testament A dramedy about the Divine Feminine with a surplus of laughter, tears, music that touches the soul, and miracles that soften the heart. Compassion
Moana The quest of a young Polynesian girl to become a way-maker for her people. Questing
Jackie A spiritual look at Jacqueline Kennedy's search for meaning after the death of her beloved husband. Meaning
Sidewalk Traffic Involving story of a couple struggling to survive and keep their priorities straight. Love
Doctor Strange A Marvel character fights evil in a mix of special effects and metaphysics. Questing
Moonlight Sixteen years in the life of a gay, poor, and bullied black man whose quest for wholeness touches our hearts. Transformation
Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise An extraordinary portrait of the soulful and versatile African-American icon. Imagination
Hacksaw Ridge An adrenaline-charged World War II story revolving around the nonviolence of a Seventh Day Adventist conscientious objector. Love
Blood on the Mountain A hard-hitting documentary about the death and destruction heaped upon the coal miners of West Virginia. Justice
Seasons An immersive experience of what life was like for animals and early humans during the Golden Age of the forest. Vision
Manchester by the Sea An elegant and spiritually sobering film about the ways in which guilt, loss, isolation, and self-destruction can erode the foundations of our lives. Forgiveness
Arrival An adventuresome sci-fi thriller about the race to communicate with intelligent alien life to avert disaster. Listening
The Edge of Seventeen An immensely appealing teen comedy that speaks to us with immediacy and grace about adolescence. Love
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