DVD Reviews

Wind River Powerful crime thriller with fresh insights into grief and how to be a good steward of one's pain. Love
The Journey Story inspired by historical events that illustrates the process whereby enemies can become friends. Peace
Te Ata True account of a talented Chickasaw storyteller who became an ambassador for her people and all Native Americans. You
Personal Shopper A thought-provoking film about the mysteries found in times of grief and loss. X-The Mystery
War for the Planet of the Apes The third in a series of sci-fi epics that surges with an unflinching focus on spiritual matters. Compassion
Salt and Fire A visionary director's creative and challenging look at an ecological disaster. Shadow
Alex and Eve A dramedy about the challenges of accepting diversity and interfaith marriage. Openness
Brave New Jersey A clever dramedy about a small community that surges on a sea of troubles during Orson Welles' broadcast about an alien invasion. Love
Maudie An inspiring portrait of the resilience of a crippled but immensely creative woman. Love
Marjorie Prime An inventive and thought–provoking sci-fi film about memory, mortality, family, and technology. X-The Mystery
Abundant Acreage Available An intense and poignant drama about family, home, and letting go. Peace
Churchill An engaging look at Winston Churchill's inner struggle in old age as he faces his diminished powers and his vulnerability. Transformation
A Ghost Story A moving and minimalist ghost story that delivers food for thought about travels through time and the art of letting go. X-The Mystery
The Farthest Top-drawer documentary on the astonishing mission of the Voyager spacecrafts past the outer planets of our solar system and beyond. Wonder
Queen of the Desert An epic portrait of Gertrude Bell, an English explorer, polymath, and astute political analyst of the Middle East. Meaning
The Little Hours A raunchy convent comedy loosely based on The Decameron, a 14th century classic Shadow
The Hero A portrait of an old actor facing his mortality, flaws, heartbreak, and regrets. Love
The Big Sick A hilarious and touching romantic comedy that qualifies as one of best films of 2017. Love
Beatriz at Dinner Drama about the values conflict between a New Age holistic healer and a famous real-estate tycoon. Shadow
Heat and Dust Weaves a magical spell as an exploration of romance and as a sensitive cross-cultural study. Openness
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