Film Reviews

Kedi A magical and immensely endearing documentary about the love affair between the people of Istanbul and the stray cats who wander the streets of the city. Love
Chapter & Verse A drama that has us cheering on an ex-con who is on a serious quest for a transformed life. Questing
A Dog's Purpose A jaunty film exploring all the wonderful ways to appreciate dogs. Love
A Good American A hard-hitting documentary about the misuse of power by the National Security Agency. Shadow
I Am Not Your Negro An inspiring documentary on the legacy of the African-American writer and activist. Justice
The Age of Consequences A startling documentary that presents new twists on the global climate change crisis and what to do about it. Meaning
Seven Songs for a Long Life A touching documentary about the healing powers of music in a hospice setting. Listening
Midsummer in Newtown A documentary about the healing medicine of creativity in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school shootings. Compassion
Julieta An immersive mother-daughter story that vividly explores emotional literacy. Love
The Salesman A portrait of a marriage that is rocked by an intruder's sexual assault. Love
The Daughter An unflinching look at the incredible harm that can be done by secrets, adultery, and even honesty. Love
Hidden Figures The true story of three patient and patriotic African-American women who make an invaluable contribution to the success of the early space program. Justice
Silence An exploration of the toxic fallout from the belief that your culture and/or religion is superior to that of others. Faith
20th Century Women A dramedy about a mother's unusual project to teach her son how to be a good man. Love
Paterson A tribute to the life and times of a bus driver, poet, and master of everyday spirituality. Wonder
Fences A poignant screen adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play in which Denzel Washington stokes the fire in his belly. You
La La Land A renovated version of the old-fashioned movie musical about making it big in the City of Stars. You
Lion A true story that will elicit your empathy through the miracles in the life of a man who goes on a quest to locate his birth family. Questing
I, Daniel Blake An award-winning film that puts you in the shoes of people coping with poverty and the bureaucracy of England's welfare system. Kindness
Moana The quest of a young Polynesian girl to become a way-maker for her people. Questing
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