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The Way Back A World War II prison break, survival, and morality tale about the power of forgiveness as an ideal to animate a lifetime.
Kawasaki's Rose A soul-searching and brilliantly-acted Czech drama that confronts our beliefs and feelings about memory, idealism, and forgiveness.
Five Minutes of Heaven An emotionally gripping drama about two men given a chance to reconcile with each other after many years of inner torment and anger.
Forgiving Dr. Mengele A thought-provoking documentary about the difficulty people have with the spiritual practice of forgiveness.
An Unfinished Life A sensitive treatment of the slow and often difficult process of forgiveness after years of hurt, anger, and disappointment.
A Map of the World An emotionally affecting drama about one woman's difficult journey into forgiving and making peace with herself.
The Deep End of the Ocean Sometimes in tragedies healing can only take place when love means letting go.
The Crossing Guard Offers a penetrating look at the unsettling dynamics of grief and guilt.
The Best Intentions Makes the point that marriage always brings spirituality down to earth with its focus on the all the effort that goes into making an intimate relationship work.
Ben-Hur Famous for its spectacles, this religious drama is most inspiring in its little moments.