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Meditating on The Passion of the Christ Ways to approach one of the controversial film about Jesus' last hours.
You Don't Like the Truth: Four Days Inside Guantanamo An extremely disturbing Canadian documentary about the plight of a young detainee at Guantanamo Bay.
The Gatekeepers A controversial documentary where former heads of Israel's security agency explain their take on the war against terrorism.
The Report The story of the long Congressional investigation into the CIA use of torture with suspected terrorists.
The Look of Silence Troubling story of a young Indonesian optician's quest to learn who killed his older brother and why during a purge of some one million Communists in the country.
Rosewater A cogent and clear-headed drama that will stir you to human rights advocacy.
Welcome to Chechnya A gripping documentary about LGBTQ genocide and a brave band of human rights activists trying to rescue those affected.
Solitary An eye-opening documentary about the inhumane practice of solitary confinement used so prominently in U.S. prisons.
Incendies A substantive Canadian film about a will read in Montreal, trips to the Middle East to confront family secrets, and a glimpse of the dehumanization of war.
Amigo A portrait of American imperialism set in an occupied village during the 1900 Philippine-American War.