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The Card Counter
A character study of a gambler seeking redemption for his past actions as part of the American war machine.
An inspiring story filled with moments of grace about a mother determined to build a safe home for her children.
Being the Ricardos
Behind-the-scenes of the popular sit-com with its accomplished and controlling stars.
Nightmare Alley
An eerie movie about carny life and a huckster that invites us into the spiritual practice of shadow.
Don't Look Up
A thought-provoking parable, both funny and sad, about the reactions to the consequences of climate change.
The Power of the Dog
A sly meditation on masculinity and power.
An imagined weekend during which Princess Diana tries to escape the prison of life as a royal.
An unusual road movie full of life lessons for an engineer, a dog, and a robot.
The Last Duel
A tough and rigorous morality drama about the waning of the chivalric code in the Middle Ages.
Old Henry
A classic western that explores the malevolence of family secrets and the yearning for security.