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Tiny Furniture
An involving story about a 24-year-old college graduate trying to make her way in the world while living at home as a member of the "Boomerang Generation."
The Fighter
A combination biopicture and dramedy that has us rooting for a working-class hero as he struggles to find his identity.
Welcome to the Rileys
A character-driven movie about breaking out of grief, loss, and isolation through the power of love
A thought-provoking film about ethics, pop culture, and human nature — not an easy thing to do in times like these.
The Social Network
An astonishing morality tale about the shadow side of creativity, the loneliness of pioneers, and the ways in which anger can fuel ambition.
Dinner for Schmucks
A very funny comedy that also contains some insights on the spiritual exercise of dealing with difficult people.
A wonderfully crafted coming-of-age drama about the love that can heal the brokenness of an estranged family.
The Winning Season
A mildly entertaining sports flick about a girl's basketball team and a chauvinistic coach who knows a lot about the game.
A fresh and funny exploration of the close encounter of two brothers who have been estranged from each other for two years.
An endearing coming-of-age love story about a boy and girl from the age of seven through thirteen.