Practicing Diversity by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat brings you prayers, thoughts to contemplate, and a practice to honor the dignity of differences and pave the way to a genuine feeling of unity with others.

Blessing the Other by Ted Falcon shares a special blessing from the Jewish tradition that is meant to be recited when you are in the presence of someone different from you.

Blessing Upon Seeing an Ugly Person by Gershon Schwartz and Michael Katz reminds us to see and bless what lies behind surface appearances.

Buy Something Strange to You by Tom Cowan encourages you to purchase a small item from a culture unfamiliar to you as a way of better understanding the richness of that way of life.

Celebrating Diversity by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat gives quotes, readings, and practices that help develop respect for others.

Cultivating Appreciation of Religious Pluralism by Claudia Horwitz applies scriptural teachings from varied traditions to our communal responsibilities.

Dialogue Preparation by Isaura Barrera and Lucinda Kramer challenges you to examine your views about differences through a series of thought-provoking questions and activities.

Different Than, Not Better Than by Joyce Rupp contemplates reverence for diverse forms of life.

Embracing Diversity with Food by Claudia Horwitz opens the path of hospitality to encompass and delight in many cultures.

Forming Community by Claudia Horwitz engages groups in discussion of the places they value, for the sake of mutual understanding.

The Haves and Have-Nots by Joyce Rupp asks questions to help you reflect on how welcoming you are.

Having Guests of Different Faiths at Our Table by Irwin Kula and Vanessa L. Ochs gives a meditation, ritual, blessing, and teaching for creating a truly welcoming environment.

Invite an Unusual Guest to Dinner by Alan Epstein recommends going out of your way to think of someone whom you or your family would not expect to have at your dinner table.

Let Everyone Be Right by Brenda Shoshana helps you make space in your life for openness, variety, and the willingness to grow.

Listen to an Opposing Position by Wayne Dyer draws a connection between appreciation for difference and the art of listening.

Live in a Larger Moral House by Lewis B. Smedes invites you to recount one insight you have gained through meeting someone from another culture.

Loving the Differences by Robin Hereens Lysne lets wonder and childlike appreciation increase respect for everyone's uniqueness.

Meditating on Difference by Claudia Horwitz recalls a guided meditation during a training for young people who were working on issues of economic justice.

Mirroring by Jacob Needleman conveys the importance of taking a distance from your passionately held opinions in order to be able to summarize what another person has said.

Neighborhood Watch by Raphael Cushnir suggests finding a spot near your home where you can hang out and watch all the different people and activities happening there.

A Teaching Scene on Openness from a screenplay for Freedom Writers by Richard LaGravenese describes the line game in which students discover what experiences they have in common in spite of their differences.

On the Value of Emptying Your Cup by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat reminds us how to be fearlessly open to those whom society considers to be outsiders.

The One Beside You Now by Brenda Shoshana offers a way to be fine with the company of someone whom you might otherwise push away.

Preparing for Interfaith Celebrations by Claudia Horwitz outlines ways to access your memories about shared faith experiences and build upon them in the present.

Seeing the Spark of the Divine by Greg Marcus provides a helpful exercise for a nonjudgmental approach to differences.

Us Versus Them by Linda Graham details practical psychological tips for changing your perceptions of others.

World Day for Cultural Diversity by Julia Davis issues a challenge to promote meaningful dialogue among cultures and so reduce conflict.