The Society A discussion guide to the 10-part YA drama directed by Christopher Keyser about a town of young people who have to create their own democracy. Connections
Practicing Democracy with the Earth Encouragement for strengthening democratic values and virtues for the sake of our planet and her inhabitants. Reverence
Practicing Democracy in Your Neighborhood Strengthening democracy by starting with its local roots. Connections
Tax Day Ritual A ritual for individuals and families for the day they pay their taxes. Connections
Practicing Democracy Online Practices that foster healthy and wise engagements with one another online. Connections
Practicing Democracy at Work Practices for seeking and expressing democratic values and virtues in the workplace. Justice
The Language of Democracy Quotes from a wide variety of sources on the values, virtues, and practices key to American democracy. Meaning
Practicing Democracy with Your Faith Community Ways your faith community can strengthen the bonds within our democracy. Connections
Practicing Democracy with Children Practices to encourage children’s engagement with democracy at home and in their communities. Justice
Voting as a Spiritual Practice Ways that voting can connect you with your true self, your community, and the One. Justice
Voting Ritual A ritual to dedicate your voting hand to groups and causes that are important to you. Meaning
Our Voting Companions A call to remember that we are never alone. Connections
Citizenship Vow Ritual A ritual for citizens to commit to upholding values, cultivating virtues, and doing spiritual practices in their personal relationship to democracy. Meaning
Defining Moments in American History Events in American history that deserve reflection. Transformation
Alternative National Anthem A short history of the American national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner," and a call for alternatives. Vision
We the People Book Club Reading Guides Guides to "We the People" book selections. Vision
Ten Ways to Love Your Enemy Tools for awakening patience, kindness, openness, and compassion in our relationships. Love
What We Learned from Our Survey An analysis of results from the 2017-2018 survey for The Practicing Democracy Project. Connections
Using Lectio Divina to Face Conflicts Stories of how a classic practice can be used to face difficult scenes and heal relationship conflicts. Listening
Handling Negativity in the News An opportunity to work with our self-righteous responses to others' offenses. Compassion