How to Practice Democracy at a Family Dinner or Reun… Suggestions from a group of spiritual leaders about how to handle this common situation when those of different opinions and worldviews may be present. Listening
Conversation Cards on Democracy, Freedom, Equality, … A set of 52 cards for discussions on the values, virtues, and visions of democracy with quotes from a variety of voices, questions for reflection, and suggested actions. Vision
Practicing Democracy through Advocacy and Outreach Suggestions for incorporating virtues like fairness, social conscience, and service into civic advocacy and outreach. Connections
Multifaith Prayer Service for the Nation Suggestions for planning a service that reflects on and promotes democratic values. Unity
Practicing Democracy through Multifaith Engagement Practices that sustain the cherished democratic value of religious freedom. Connections
Practicing Democracy Downloads Available downloads from The Practicing Democracy Project. Connections
Practicing Democracy in Sports A program plan to help athletes, their supporters, and fans develop and express civic values. Play
Practicing Democracy Conversation Program Plan A detailed plan for bringing together neighbors to develop and strengthen relationships. Connections
Invigorating Communications between Representatives … Creating a healthier democracy by using spiritual practices to deepen relationships between politicians and those they serve. Listening
Student Activist Starter Guide Resources for building peace, justice, and democracy. You
Practicing Democracy at Home Suggestions for approaching your everyday activities in ways that promote democratic values. Connections
Practicing Democracy with Your Money Suggestions for approaching your finances in ways that promote democratic values and virtues. Attention
Oh, Democracy, Where are You? Alternative lyrics to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" that are both funny and full of yearning. You
My Sweet Democracy Alternative lyrics to "My Country 'Tis of Thee" that invite us to be accountable to higher values. Hope
Democracy, the Vulnerable Alternative lyrics to "America, the Beautiful" that remind us to do our best to foster democracy Devotion
Hold Tight Democracy Clever and poignant alternative lyrics to "God Bless America" Questing
Watching a Political Debate as a Spiritual Practice Ways to use spiritual practices for insight and discernment during a debate. Vision
Reflecting on the Freedom Pledge An opportunity to consider what it means to commit to upholding freedom. Meaning
The Society A discussion guide to the 10-part YA drama directed by Christopher Keyser about a town of young people who have to create their own democracy. Connections
Practicing Democracy with the Earth Encouragement for strengthening democratic values and virtues for the sake of our planet and her inhabitants. Reverence