Arts Reviews

Heaven and Earth Are Flowers A lyrical celebration of the art of Ikebana and its subtle messages about beauty, balance, and imper… Beauty
Encounters with God Soulful meditations on eight ancient icons spiritually infused with beauty and beckoning us to praye… Devotion
Home Tonight A rewarding discussion of Rembrandt’s Prodigal Son painting and the author's own dark night of the… Grace
Enso A fascinating collection of enso (Zen circles) with commentaries on these art works with calligraphy… Attention
Imagination and the Journey of Faith A good case for imagination as a path to God. Imagination
Praying with Icons An Orthodox explanation of icons as aids to prayer. Attention
The Bible A gift edition of three books of the Hebrew Bible illustrated by some of Marc Chagall's most imagina… Imagination
The Zen Art Box 40 examples of Zen art by great masters and explanations of them. Transformation
Behold the Beauty of the Lord A substantive assessment of four icons as pathways to the mystery, love, and beauty of God. Devotion
The Color of Light Poems which help us mine the spiritual meanings in Van Gogh's later paintings. Meaning
Notes on the Need for Beauty An enthralling, poetic, and creative meditation on beauty and the important role it plays in our liv… Beauty
The Scrapbooking Journey Supplies, resources, and intentions needed to create spiritually rich and inspiring scrapbooks. Play
Letters from Eden Charming essays and enchanting art saluting the marvels of nature on the author's 80 acres of land i… Reverence
Knitting Nell A little girl who knits to serve others and is a sterling role model for us all. Nurturing
Fabric of Faith A salutary overview of the spiritual benefits of a prayer quilt ministry. Love
Joy Lasts A look at differences between religious and spiritual art with examples ranging from Cezanne to El G… Meaning
The Art of Emotional Healing Sixty exercises in the creative arts to pave the way to emotional expression and healing. Imagination
A Brush with God A one-step guide to icon painting from an accomplished American iconographer. Devotion
One Song The poetry of Rumi showcased with enchanting art accompanied by a CD with musical renditions of the … Devotion
The Zen of Creativity Spiritual practices and helpful exercises to draw out this expressive force within us all. X-The Mystery