Book Reviews

Look and Be Grateful A board book primer on gratefulness practice by a beloved award-winning author and illustrator. Gratitude
Good Night, Wind A Yiddish folktale about the wind needing to rest after a long winter. Gratitude
A World of Cities A fascinating celebration of the history, architecture, and character of 30 cities. Questing
Where's Buddha? A young child's primer on omnipresence. Being Present
The Journey An honest and engaging portrait of what a refugee family goes through to get to a safe place to live. Transformation
Everything Is Connected An exploration of our links with everything from blobfish to galaxies. Connections
Scout's Heaven Hard-to-answer questions from a Little Brother after the death of a family's beloved dog. X-The Mystery
ABC Yoga A creative alphabet book about yoga asanas from Armadillo to Zzzz, the sleeping pose. Being Present
Imagine The life story of the 51st U.S. Poet Laureate, inviting children to imagine who they can become. Imagination
The Keepers of Color A coloring book that takes you on a mythic journey into your own limitless potential. You
Angel in Beijing A luscious exploration of the streets of Beijing through the eyes of a little girl searching for her kitty. Kindness
See, Hear, Feel Mindfulness instructions, activities, and games for early elementary schoolchildren. Being Present
First Laugh — Welcome, Baby! A tale about a Navajo family’s wait for their baby’s first laugh before a welcoming celebration. Joy
Good Morning, Snowplow! A bedtime story that looks forward to the plow's overnight adventures before a bright new day. Wonder
A Hug Is for Holding Me An account of the many ways hugs appear in nature to remind us what love provides. Love
The Marvelous Mustard Seed An allegorical tale about a mustard seed that grows into a spreading tree rather than a mere bush. Transformation
ABC Mindful Me A multifaith boardbook full of poetry as well as practicality. Being Present
Meeting Trees An introduction, through a father-son walk, to some of the most common species in a climax hardwood forest. Attention
Joy A heartwarming story about giving a loved one a whoosh of joy. Joy
The Crocodile and the Dentist A funny book about mutual fears that helps children face their reluctance to go to the dentist. You