Book Reviews

The Way Home in the Night A picture book revealing how a walk home can be a feast for the senses. Gratitude
A Greyhound A Groundhog A book of tongue twisters ideal for reading aloud. Play
The Blue Hour A gorgeous book illustrating many examples of blues in nature. Reverence
The Land of Nod A creative rendering of Robert Louis Stevenson's 1885 poem by a gifted English illustrator. You
Laundry Day A spunky story about two badgers celebrating creativity as an antidote to boredom. Imagination
What Will Grow? A handy children's picture book on the pleasures and practical details of gardening. Nurturing
Triangle A creatively designed children's picture book that celebrates the playfulness of friends. Play
Wake Up, City! An inspirational walk through a city with a father and his young daughter who tutor us in the arts of attention and imagination Wonder
Antoinette A poodle puppy comes into her own as a heroine on the streets of Paris. Questing
The Want Monsters A delightful spiritual parable about wants, embracing the greedy self, and befriending our troublesome emotions. Shadow
Alphonse, That Is Not OK to Do! A delightful story about two siblings who use drawings to express themselves. Love
All Kinds of Kisses A delightfully illustrated children's about how a wide variety of animals express affection. Love
Play with Me! A lively and appealing celebration of friendship. Play
What to Do When You Feel Too Shy A self-help book for children packed with exercises for dealing with socially challenging situations. Nurturing
Creation A picture book illustrating the creation story as told in the St. James Bible. Beauty
Goodnight Everyone A colorful picture book to read at bedtime. Nurturing
The Four Questions A retelling of the folktale Chicken Little to teach children the Work, a method of spiritual inquiry into thoughts and emotional responses. Questing
Good Morning, City A picture book that celebrates all the ways a city wakes up each day. Attention
The Boy and The Book How a little boy learns to respect books. Reverence
Before Morning A beautifully illustrated children's book that reveals the value of an invocation. Yearning