Jamal Rahman
• Muslim Sufi minister and writer on spiritual practices
• One of the touring group known as the Interfaith Amigos
• Popular speaker and workshop leader on interfaith relations
Rachel Naomi Remen
• Pioneer in mind/body and holistic health movement
• Educator who sees the practice of medicine as a spiritual path
• Master storyteller and public speaker on how everyone can make a difference in the world
Lewis Richmond
• Teacher of Zen Buddhism
• Expert on applying Buddhist practices to work and aging
• Writer for both Buddhist audiences and general audiences via the Internet
David Richo
• Jungian psychotherapist with a mythic perspective
• Educator and workshop leader
• Author emphasizing the benefits of mindfulness and meditation
Richard Rohr
• Franciscan priest and founder of The Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico
• Internationally known retreat master and speaker
• Spiritual director known for his popular audio-cassettes
Ronald Rolheiser
• Catholic priest and theologian
• Speaker, workshop leader, newspaper columnist, and writer on contemporary spirituality
• President of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas
Joyce Rupp
• Poet and lyrical writer on the spiritual practice of connections
• Sensitive teacher of the wisdom of Sophia
• Member of the Servites (Servants of Mary) community
Omid Safi
• Teacher in the Sufi tradition of radical love
• Leading Muslim public intellectual
• Professor at Duke University
Sharon Salzberg
• Clear writer on key Buddhist principles such as lovingkindness and equanimity
• Practical teacher of the spiritual practice of compassion
• Cofounder of the Insight Meditation Society
Scott Russell Sanders
• Distinguished Professor of English at Indiana University
• Author of more than 20 books including novels, stories, and personal nonfiction
• Masterful writer on the spirituality of place and finding a path
Donna Schaper
• Preacher and speaker in the United Church of Christ
• Feminist, peace and justice advocate
• Trainer of ministers and seminarians for public ministry
Rami Shapiro
• Translator and commentator on ancient religious texts
• Imaginative teacher of the connections in everyday life
• Rabbi and one of the most creative figures in contemporary American Judaism
Brenda Shoshanna
• Psychologist and therapist
• Zen practitioner
• Counselor, speaker, and workshop leader on relationships and caregiving
Margaret Silf
• Popular retreat leader
• Speaker on Ignatian spirituality
• Prolific writer of spiritual books
David Spangler
• Internationally known writer and teacher
• Once a co-director of the Findhorn Foundation community
Mirabai Starr
• Writer, translator, and retreat leader
• Bridge-builder among spiritual traditions
• Bereavement counselor
David Steindl-Rast
• Master teacher of the spiritual practice of gratitude
• Hospitable pioneer in Christian-Buddhist dialogue
• Benedictine monk
Melannie Svoboda
• Sister of Notre Dame of Chardon, Ohio
• Novice Director
• Retreat leader and author
His Holiness The Dalai Lama
• Political and spiritual leader of the Tibetan people
• Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
• Convener of multifaith dialogues on science, religion, and the mind
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Robert Thurman
• Professor and writer on the fruits of enlightenment, including peace and compassion
• Teacher of the practical wisdom of Buddhism as applied to contemporary life
• President of the Tibet House U.S dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Tibetan civilization
Eckhart Tolle
• Bestselling author on spirituality
• Public speaker and seminar leader
• Commentator on new consciousness