David Aaron
• Rabbi, writer, and spiritual mentor
• Founder of the Isralight Institute
• Interpreter of Jewish mysticism
• Meditation teacher
• Founder of Open Gate Sangha
• Leader of silent retreats and intensives
Donald Altman
• Psychotherapist and former Buddhist monk
• Professor who integrates mindfulness and brain science
• Prolific writer, international trainer and workshop leader
Karen Armstrong
• Freelance monotheist
• Writer on the role of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism in the modern world
• Popular panel and conference speaker for multifaith understanding
Christina Baldwin
• Premier teacher on journal writing
• Founder of PeerSpirit
• Advocate of storytelling
William J. Barber II
• Founder of the Forward Together Moral Movement
• Lifelong Activist and Organizer
• Pastor, Preacher, and Protestor
Diana Butler Bass
• A leading voice in progressive Christianity
• An independent scholar of American religious history
• A prophetic author and speaker
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Ezra Bayda
• Zen master affiliated with the Ordinary Mind Zen School
• Teacher at the San Diego Zen Center
• Frequent writer on Buddhist approaches to life's challenges
Robert Benson
• Writer, speaker, and retreat leader
• Alumni of the Academy for Spiritual Formation
• Member of the Friends of Silence and of the Poor, an international prayer community
J. Brent Bill
• Quaker author and retreat leader
• Minister and seminary faculty member
• Photographer and writing coach
Barbara Biziou
• Writer on rituals for daily life and custom ritual designer
• Spiritual adviser and transition steward
• Corporate trainer and life coach
Leonardo Boff
• Catholic Brazilian theologian
• Author of more than 60 books on liberation theology, eco-spirituality, philosophy, anthropology, and mysticism
• Honored with
Jean Shinoda Bolen
• Jungian analyst in private practice
• Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California San Francisco
• A feminist and activist for peace and justice
Sylvia Boorstein
• Seasoned retreat leader on Buddhist mindfulness practices
• Co-founding teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and a senior teacher at the Insight Meditation Center.
• Practicing psychotherapist since 1967
Joan Borysenko
• Spokesperson for integrative medicine and the mind-body connection
• Medical scientist and psychologist
• Speaker and workshop leader on health, healing, and women's spirituality
Cynthia Bourgeault
• Director of the Contemplative Society
• Founder of an International Network of Wisdom Schools
• Teacher of Contemplative Practices
Tara Brach
• Clinical psychologist and Buddhist teacher
• Founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington (IMCW)
• Popular retreat leader and speaker
Joseph Bruchac
• Writer of Native American stories and children's books
• Storyteller who proclaims the continued importance of oral tradition
• Advocate for other Native American writers and artists
Julia Cameron
• Poet, playwright, novelist, filmmaker, and composer
• Creator of the Artist's Way program
• Workshop leader and speaker on creativity
Mantak Chia
• Creator of Universal Healing Tao, an adaptation of traditional Tao teachings
• Prolific speaker, writer, and retreat leader
• Developer of a synthesis of health and Taoist practices
Joan Chittister
• Benedictine sister with an ecumenical outreach and vision
• Interpreter of sacred texts, focusing on issues of peace and justice
• Prolific profiler of the saints
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Pema Chodron
• Very practical teacher of compassion
• Guide to the process of dealing with messy parts of yourself you dislike, including out-of-control emotions
• Buddhist nun in the Tibetan Vajrayana tradition
Thubten Chodron
• American-born Tibetan Buddhist nun
• Teacher and leader of meditation retreats
• Founder of Sravasti Abbey
Deepak Chopra
• Bestselling spiritual author
• Founder of the Chopra Center for Well Being
• Physician and leader in the field of holistic medicine
James Conlon
• Accomplished academic and theologian
• Chair and Director of the Sophia Center for Culture and Spirituality in Oakland, California
• Teacher of evolutionary faith
Phil Cousineau
• Prolific Writer and Editor
• Cultural historian and documentary filmmaker
• Pilgrimage leader
Barbara Cawthorne Crafton
• Episcopal priest and spiritual director
• Creative writer on the everyday practice of faith
• E-mail chronicler of God's presence and messages in the midst of life's messes and small triumphs
Paula D'Arcy
• Writer, retreat leader and seminar speaker
• President, Red Bird Foundation
Lama Surya Das
• Buddhist meditation teacher in the Tibetan tradition
• Spokesperson for the emerging American Buddhism
• Retreat leader, writer, and columnist
Esther de Waal
• Scholar of Benedictine and Celtic traditions
• Leader of Celtic retreats in the Welsh-English borderlands
• Speaker at convents and monasteries
John Dear
• Seasoned peace and justice activist
• Passionate advocate of nonviolence
• Catholic priest and retreat leader
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Larry Dossey
• A physician of internal medicine
• Authority on spiritual healing
• Renowned speaker on spirituality and medicine
Neil Douglas-Klotz
• World renown scholar in religious studies, spirituality and psychology
• Sufi Founder of the worldwide network of the Dances of Universal Peace
• Cochair of the Mysticism Group of the American Academy of Religion
Stephanie Dowrick
• Interfaith minister and retreat leader
• Social commentator
• Bestselling Australian author
Mary C. Earle
• Poet and writer on spirituality and illness
• Retreat leader and spiritual director
• Episcopal priest and interfaith leader
Diana Eck
• Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies at Harvard University
• Director of the Pluralism Project
• Advocate of religious freedom
Gregory C. Ellison II
• Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at Candler School of Theology, Emory University
• Founder of Fearless Dialogues
• Ordained Baptist Minister
Bruce G. Epperly
• Minister in the United Church of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
• Professor at Lancaster Theological Seminary
• Writer and speaker on the connection between spirituality and health