Jon Kabat-Zinn
• Bestselling author on mindfulness
• Bestselling author on mindfulness
• Leads workshops on stress reduction and mindfulness for doctors and other healthcare professionals
Byron Katie
• Developer of the method of self-interrogation and realization called The Work
• Popular conference speaker and workshop leader
• Founder of Turnaround House
Sam Keen
• Freelance thinker, seminar leader, philosopher of religion
• Cultural critic with his own idiosyncratic vision
• Trapeze flyer
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Bradford and Hillary Keeney
• Internationally renowned teachers of ecstatic transformation
• Distinguished scholars contributing to interdisciplinary pedagogy
• Co-founders of the Sacred Ecstatics Guild
Ursula King
• Professor of religious studies and spirituality
• Speaker on evolutionary theology
• Writer on interfaith understanding
Jack Kornfield
• Western Buddhist teacher and meditation master
• Psychologist
• Founder of the Insight Meditation Center
Harold S. Kushner
• Jewish rabbi and bestselling author
• Interpreter of the meaning of Biblical stories about forgiveness and personal value
• Counselor on coping with grief, tragedies, and injustices
Lawrence Kushner
• Wise and witty teacher of the spiritual practice of mystery
• Master storyteller using illustrative material from everyday life
• Rabbi, scholar, and commentator
Anne Lamott
• Writer of fiction and nonfiction
• Speaker on the craft of writing
• Funny and fresh observer of the life of Christian faith
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Geri Larkin
• Buddhist trained at the Maitreya Buddhist Seminary
• Writer and Dharma teacher
• Founding teacher at Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple in Detroit
Drew Leder
• Speaker and workshop leader on spirituality
• Consultant on spirituality and aging
• Professor of Western and Eastern philosophy at Loyola College in Maryland
Michael Lerner
• Editor of Tikkun magazine
• Rabbi of Beyt Tikkun Synagogue in San Francisco
• Founder of the Network of Spiritual Progressives
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Elizabeth Lesser
• Co-founder and senior adviser of Omega Institute
• Writer and retreat leader
• Teacher on spirituality in Oprah's Soul Series webcasts
Denise Linn
• Bestselling author of many books on spirituality
• Founder of the International Institute of Soul Coaching
• Leader of spiritual seminars on five continents
Andrew Linzey
• Anglican priest and theologian known for his work on Christianity and animals
• Member of the Faculty of Theology in the University of Oxford, England
• Prolific writer and worldwide lecturer on animal rights
Allan Lokos
• Dharma/meditation teacher primarily in the Theravada tradition
• Founder and guiding teacher of the Community Meditation Center
• Author of several books on various aspects of the Dharma
John R. Mabry
• Teacher of world religions
• Interfaith spiritual director
• Pastor of Grace North Church in Berkeley, California
Joanna Macy
• Eco-philosopher and spiritual activist
• Buddhist scholar and author
• International workshop leader on personal and social change
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Joseph M. Marshall III
• Member of the Sicangu (Rosebud) Lakota
• Storyteller and preserver of traditional oral stories in writing
• Educator and Native Studies curriculum developer
William Martin
• Teacher of Taoism
• Innovative translator of the Tao Te Ching
• Retreat Leader
James Martin
• Jesuit Priest
• Editor at large of America magazine
• New York Times bestselling author
Carl McColman
• Writer and speaker about contemplative life
• Lay associate of the Trappist Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia
• Retreat leader and spiritual director
Jay McDaniel
• Professor of process theology and world religions at Hendrix College
• Director of the Steel Center for the Study of Religion
• Advocate for nature, the wild, and interreligious dialogue
Megan McKenna
• Catholic writer of many books
• International workshop and retreat leader
• Peace and justice activist
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Brian D. McLaren
• Christian pastor and mentor
• Activist and Public Theologian
• Conference speaker and podcaster
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Shaun McNiff
• International pioneer in expressive arts therapy
• Writer of many books on how art heals and creativity enhancement
• Practitioner and teacher of creativity, imagination, and leadership
Deng Ming-Dao
• Chinese-American writer
• Leader in the renewal of interest in Taoism
• Artist whose work appears in many museums and galleries
Thomas Moore
• Pioneer explorer of the sacred art of soulful living
• Lecturer and prolific writer on care of the soul
• Psychotherapist and former Catholic monk
Alan Morinis
• Founder of the Mussar Institute
• Student and teacher of the practices of the Mussar tradition
• Anthropologist and filmmaker
Wayne Muller
• Minister, therapist, and leadership mentor
• Consultant with community, educational, and healthcare organizations
• Founder of Bread for the Journey
Caroline Myss
• Popular speaker on spirituality and mysticism
• Expert on energy medicine
• Medical intuitive
Seyyed Hossein Nasr
• Iranian-American scholar of Islam at George Washington University
• Sufi who works to connect Islam, philosophy, and contemporary culture
• Perennial philosopher who draws on Islam's philosophical tradition
Mark Nepo
• Gifted poet and bestselling spiritual author
• Wounded healer
• Philosopher and spiritual teacher
Kent Nerburn
• Author of spiritual stories and essays
• Educator involved in Native American issues
• A sculptor who now crafts books
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
John Philip Newell
• Leading scholar of Celtic spirituality
• International peacemaker in his role as a Church of Scotland minister
• Poet whose work often takes the form of prayer
Hua-Ching Ni
• Synthesizer of the Tao and practices of traditional medicine
• Writer of over 120 books published in English and Chinese
• Founder, with his two sons, of Yo San University of Chinese medicine
Kathleen Norris
• Poet and writer about spirituality
• Speaker to students, medical professionals, social workers, and chaplains
• Oblate of the Benedictine Order
Diarmuid O'Murchu
• Member of the Sacred Heart Missionary Order
• Social psychologist
• Workshop leader and group facilitator for Adult Faith Development
Christine Valters Paintner
• Online Abbess at the Abbey of the Arts
• Benedictine Oblate and expressive arts consultant
• Writer and artist who emphasizes the connection between spirituality and expression
Parker J. Palmer
• Quaker speaker, activist, and visionary
• Founder and Senior Partner of the Center for Courage & Renewal
• Facilitator for Courage to Teach and Courage to Lead programs
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Eboo Patel
• Founder and President of Interfaith Youth Core
• Advocate for Pluralism in the United States
• Author and Keynote Speaker
Jan Phillips
• Internationally known speaker and workshop leader
• Award-winning writer, photographer, and multimedia artist
• Co-founder and Executive Director of the Livingkindness Foundation
Evan T. Pritchard
• Member of the Micmac people of the Algonquin American Indian nation
• Founder of The Center for Algonquin Culture
• Chronicler of American Indian spirituality, stories, and myths