Amistad A mesmerizing portrait of human dignity under fire and salutes the spiritual firepower of justice. Feature
Contact An awesome movie that reveals that there are times and places where reason must yield to mystery. Feature
Gabbeh An enchanting film affirming the knarled beauty of the natural world and the way stories give shape and meaning to life. Foreign
Good Will Hunting A touching tale about a troubled genius struggling to find his identity. Feature
Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown A charming film exploring the platonic friendship between the Queen of the British Empire and a Scottish servant. Feature
In the Company of Men A very scary film about the polluted hearts of two nasty white-collar workers. Feature
Le Huitieme Jour: The Eighth Day A bouyant spiritual film that celebrates the mysteries of friendship and precious moments of wonder when life sparkles. Foreign
Molom A spiritual masterpiece that transports you to a strange place and takes your breath away with its compelling characters and surprises. Foreign
Oscar and Lucinda A poetic and poignant film about two oddballs who are destined to meet and to fill each other with delight. Feature
Paradise Road A triumphant celebration of the human spirit in the face of suffering. Feature
Ponette A masterful study of childhood grief that honors the resiliencey and spirituality of children. Foreign
Seven Years in Tibet A sweeping tale of an egotistical Austrian who undergoes a spiritual transformation through his contact with Tibetan Buddhists. Feature
Shall We Dance? This irresistible Japanese film celebrates the spiritual uplift of boundless desire. Feature
The Apostle A highly enagaging drama about the fall and redemption of a Pentecostal preacher from Texas. Feature
The Full Monty A funny and fetching comedy about the resilience of the human spirit. Feature
The Quiet Room A profound film about the emotional intelligence of little children. Feature
The Rainmaker A riveting pot boiler celebrating the zeal for justice. Feature
Titanic The majestic blockbuster whose special effects scenes pale in comparison to the ways Cameron exalts the salvific power of love. Feature
Ulee's Gold A deeply moving drama about a middle-aged beekeeper shows how the practice of compassion opens up this troubled man and puts him on the path of heart. Feature
Welcome to Sarajevo A harrowing but compassionate film about strength and heart in the presence of extreme pain and suffering. Feature
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