127 Hours A riveting and creative wilderness story about a loner's courage and perseverance in the face of hopelessness. Feature
Agora This fascinating tale transports us to a place we've never been before and impresses us with the importance of hospitality and openness to the other. Feature
Another Year A down-to-earth exploration of love and loneliness by Mike Leigh, one of England's legendary directors. Feature
Babies A delightful and thoroughly appealing documentary that charts the adventures of four babies from the U.S, Japan, Mongolia, and Namibia. Documentary
Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo A fascinating documentary about the high regard for insects in Japan and the cultural and spiritual reasons behind this phenomenon. Documentary
Black Swan A mesmerizing film about the self-destructive and dark dimensions of perfectionism and unbridled ambition. Feature
Breath Made Visible An exquisite and engrossing documentary on the profound and playful life and work of dance legend Anna Halprin. Documentary
Budrus An honest account of a landmark 2003 nonviolent protest movement in small Palestinian town against Israel's Separation Barrier. Documentary
Conviction The incredible true story of a crusading sister and the love that animates her 18-year fight to free her brother from prison. Feature
Cyrus A darkly comic drama that honors the mysteries surrounding human nature, the complexity of intimate relationships, and the bounties of friendship. Feature
Despicable Me A spunky 3D animated feature that shows how a supervillain can follow his heart and be transformed from within. Animated
Eat, Pray, Love A sensuous and emotionally cathartic adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert's spiritual journey to personal transformation and love. Feature
Get Low A telling and moving depiction of the difficulty of forgiving ourselves. Feature
Hachi: A Dog's Tale A spiritual reading of an immensely appealing drama about the extraordinary devotion of a dog for his beloved human companion. Feature
Hereafter A poignant, meditative, and meaningful movie about the human desire to know more about the afterlife and to communicate with the dead. Feature
Jack Goes Boating A powerful and honest story of two sad, lonely, and frightened individuals who seek love. Feature
Last Train Home A wrenching documentary that tells the story of the difficult conditions of migrant workers in China. Documentary
Letters to Father Jacob A lean and intensely focused spiritual drama about faith, the dark night of the soul, and the redemptive power of love. Foreign
Made in Dagenham The remarkable, funny, and inspiring true story of women fighting for equal pay in a Ford Motor Company in 1968 England. Feature
Mademoiselle Chambon An exquisite French film about an extramarital romance which opens two lovers to fresh territory inside themselves they have never explored before. Foreign
Mid-August Lunch A thoroughly delightful Italian film about a nurturing man who finds his caregiving responsibilities greatly expanded during a summer holiday. Foreign
Mother and Child An extraordinary film about adoption and three very different women on separate quests for love, nurturing, and personal fulfillment. Feature
My Dog Tulip A funny, charming, and witty animated feature based on J.R. Ackerley's masterful memoir about his loving relationship with his dog. Animated
Nora's Will A spiritually rich Mexican drama about a Jewish woman's death and the responses of her inner circle of family and friends. Foreign
Please Give A tremendous film about guilt as the guardian of our goodness and a sign of our yearning to belong to the larger world. Feature
Rachel A poignant documentary about the death of an American idealist working for the liberation of the Palestinian people and peace in the Middle-East. Documentary
Saint Misbehavin': The Wavy Gravy Movie A remarkable and rowdy documentary about a contemporary holy fool and saint who walks his talk about love. Documentary
Secret Sunshine A compelling and poignant Korean film about a besieged widow's journey into the far country of forgiveness. Foreign
Secretariat A family film about the greatest race horse who ever lived and his feisty, tough, and creative owner. Feature
Tangled A wonderful animated feature that salutes the power of healing, the spirit-lifting importance of light, and the transformative marvels of touch. Animated
The Company Men A hard-hitting and creative examination of the scourge of unemployment, how it destroys dreams, brings untold pain and loss, and destabilizes families. Feature
The Father of My Children An intelligent and beautifully acted French film about work, death, grief, and finding one's way back to life. Foreign
The Fighter A combination biopicture and dramedy that has us rooting for a working-class hero as he struggles to find his identity. Feature
The Kids Are All Right A remarkable family drama with five endearing characters whose struggles and foibles are both genuine and touching. Feature
The King's Speech An enthralling and heart-stirring biodrama about an unusual friendship that transforms the life and soul of King George VI of England. Feature
The Legend of Pale Male A crowd-pleasing documentary about the adventures of a wild red-tailed hawk and the people who love him in New York City. Documentary
The Secret in Their Eyes A combination psychological thriller and love story that offers an engrossing look at memory, yearning, and the toxins of revenge. Foreign
The Secret of Kells A stunningly beautiful animated feature from Ireland that reveals the fire power of faith when it is wedded to imagination. Animated
The Social Network An astonishing morality tale about the shadow side of creativity, the loneliness of pioneers, and the ways in which anger can fuel ambition. Feature
Toy Story 3 A fine family film with an edifying tale, endearing and funny characters, and an appealing emotional undertow. Animated
Vision: From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen A soulful film about an extraordinary twelfth-century abbess, writer, teacher, composer, herbalist, and visionary. Foreign
Waiting for Superman A sobering documentary on the necessity to reform American education with charter schools, where excellence is heralded and love of learning a given. Documentary
Waste Land An astonishing documentary about an art project that celebrates the pickers who work in the world's largest garbage dump in Rio de Janeiro. Documentary
Welcome An astonishing film about a Kurdish immigrant trying to get to England and the help he gets from a Frenchman who empathizes with his dreams. Foreign
White Wedding An incredible South African road movie and comedy about love, friendship, honesty, and the common ground that can unite former enemies. Foreign
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