Babe: Pig in the City The delightful sequel where Babe again comes across as a great moral exemplar of kindness. Feature
Central Station The uplifting story of an unlikely friendship between an orphan and cynical woman who learn to help each other. Feature
Clockwatchers A wonderfully idiosyncratic film about the working lives of women. Feature
Down in the Delta An emotional tale of a single mother whose faith is renewed through her exploration of family roots. Feature
Life Is Beautiful A rich and spiritual film that shows us how to cope with the unexpected and smile through the unbearable. Feature
Men With Guns This provocative film challenges us to leave behind the cocoon of our cosseted lives and confront those meanings that hold the key to life and death. Feature
Mrs. Dalloway This sensitive film conveys the message of Woolf's novel-despite social and psychological differences, we are all connected. Feature
Passion in the Desert A beautiful film brimming with breathtaking scenes of danger, wonder and the communion between man and beast. Feature
Patch Adams The true story of a medical student who breaks the rules by daring to proclaim that the best medicine is love, laughter, and play. Feature
Pleasantville An innovative and ethically provocative film about free spirits and those who would keep them down. Feature
Saving Private Ryan This dramatic film follows the story of World War II soldiers on a quest to find Private Ryan, whose three brothers have died in battle. Feature
Shakespeare in Love A beautifully realized tribute to the rush of imagination as one of the great creative force fields in the universe. Feature
Simon Birch A rare and wonderful testament to the ardor and resilience of faith; in these times that is enough to cheer about. Feature
Smoke Signals This delightful film pokes fun at the interface between life " on the rez" and the dominant white culture. Feature
The Big One A riveting documentary about the widening gap in America between the haves and the have-nots. Documentary
The Eel This emotionally charged tale explores the relationship between two souls who are trying to move beyond the wounds of the past. International
The Horse Whisperer A spiritual tale that tutors us in the art of slowing down, being present, and quieting the heart. Feature
The Mighty This heartwarming tale celebrates imagination as two outsiders attempt to transcend their disabilities, loneliness and familial problems. Feature
The Truman Show A quixotic tale speaks to our yearnings to explore a wider world and find the kind of love that makes our heart turn somersaults. Feature
Wide Awake This wonder-filled film proves that questions can be powerful allies on a spiritual journey. Feature
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