11/8/16 Thought-provoking documentary by 18 directors on the drama, the varied political talk of citizens, and the surprises of Election Day 2016. Documentary
A Ghost Story A moving and minimalist ghost story that delivers food for thought about travels through time and the art of letting go. Feature
A Quiet Passion A visually stunning and brilliantly acted biopicture of Emily Dickinson. Feature
A Taxi Driver The inspiring story of a South Korean cab driver whose life is transformed by his heroic activities during the 1980 Gwangju Uprising. Foreign
A United Kingdom A moving film about the love, courage, and perseverance of an interracial couple facing wide-ranging challenges to their marriage. Feature
After Love An intense family drama revolving around the split of an unmarried cohabiting couple with two children. Foreign
Audubon: John James Audubon and the Birds of America A beautiful documentary on the life of the ornithologist and naturalist and his artistic masterpiece The Birds of America. Documentary
California Typewriter An entertaining documentary about people who love typewriters. Documentary
Call Me by Your Name An astonishing drama of sexual awakening that explores the exhilarations and anxieties that accompany first love. Feature
Coco A wonderful animated feature set around the Day of the Dead in Mexico. Animated
Columbus A mesmerizing film about the poetics of place and the difficult choices we must make to stay true to our passions. Feature
Cries from Syria A documentary masterpiece chronicling the stages of the Syrian revolution and the staggering suffering of the Syrian people. Documentary
Dolores A deft and compelling documentary about one of America's premier Latino labor leaders and civil rights activists. Documentary
Downsizing A dramedy about an ordinary man given the choice to become a bodhisattva. Feature
Faces Places A playful and wonder-drenched documentary about an unusual creative collaboration. Documentary
Félicité A drama about how music eases the pain of a seasoned survivor struggling with some unexpected challenges. Foreign
First They Killed My Father A deeply human study of the Cambodian genocide and the brave survival of one little girl. Foreign
Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami… A dynamic documentary about the visionary Vedic scholar who launched the Hare Krishna movement. Documentary
Human Flow A meditative and visually stunning overview of the plight of refugees around the world. Documentary
In This Corner of the World A Japanese anime film about a young woman's daily life in a town near Hiroshima during World War II. Animated
Jane A soul-stirring cinematic tribute to Jane Goodall and her reverence for chimpanzees. Documentary
Journey to Greenland The cross-cultural journey of two long-time friends visiting one of their fathers in a remote Inuit village. Foreign
Kedi A magical and immensely endearing documentary about the love affair between the people of Istanbul and the stray cats who wander the streets of the city. Documentary
Last Men in Aleppo An unflinching, grippingly realistic, and heart-rending documentary about the senseless carnage of war. Documentary
Letters from Baghdad An exquisite documentary on the extraordinary life and work of Gertrude Bell. Documentary
Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry A spiritually abundant documentary on the life and work of a humble rural seer. Documentary
Loving Vincent A creative animated feature exploring the mysterious death of Vincent Van Gogh. Animated
Lucky The poignant story of the spiritual journey of a nonagenarian facing changes in his daily life. Feature
Marshall A rousing courtroom drama about Thurgood Marshall as an ardent NAACP lawyer in a town convulsed by racial hatred of blacks. Feature
Maudie An inspiring portrait of the resilience of an immensely creative crippled woman. Feature
Menashe An authentic and endearing portrait of an oddball in his Brooklyn Hasidic community. Feature
Mudbound A tale of two families that reveals the malevolent growth of racism in the United States. Feature
Mully An inspiring documentary about an African millionaire whose goodness leads him to serve the street orphans of Nairobi, Kenya. Feature
Nowhere to Hide A laser-sharp documentary on the impact on civilians of five years of war and destruction in Iraq. Documentary
Okja A rollicking tale about animal rights, interspecies love, and corporate greed. Feature
Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World A stirring documentary on the impressive contributions of Indians to popular music. Documentary
School Life A thoroughly entertaining documentary set in an Irish prep school where two eccentric teachers draw out the students' creativity Documentary
Seven Songs for a Long Life A touching documentary about the healing powers of music in a hospice setting. Documentary
The Big Sick A touching romantic comedy with rounded, funny, and vulnerable lovers. Feature
The Breadwinner An animated feature about a young girl who defies the Taliban in Afghanistan through her courage and storytelling. Animated
The Divine Order The story of the transformation of a submissive housewife into a change-maker in her small conservative Swiss town. Foreign
The Farthest Top-drawer documentary on the astonishing mission of the Voyager spacecrafts past the outer planets of our solar system and beyond. Documentary
The Florida Project A vibrant portrait that shows us from a child's point of view how play and enthusiasm can be ways to survive poverty. Feature
The Journey An account inspired by historical events that illustrates how dialogue and empathy can help politicians build peace. Feature
The Last Dalai Lama? An edifying and uplifting documentary on the spiritual insights, practices, and epiphanies of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Documentary
The Lost City of Z A mesmerizing quest movie about a British explorer's dangerous expeditions in the Amazon rainforest. Feature
The Midwife A satisfying dramedy about a woman seeking fresh directions and adventures during middle age. Foreign
The Passion of Augustine An intriguing drama about a musically gifted religious who creatively handles the many challenges facing her convent school. Foreign
The Red Turtle A magical and mystical animated film about an island, a castaway, a shapeshifting being, and dreams. Animated
The Shape of Water A sensuous film that is both a fairy tale and a socially relevant portrait of the prejudices afoot in our times. Feature
The Women's Balcony A well-done religious drama set in Jerusalem where the members of a small synagogue confront changes demanded by a fundamentalist zealot. Foreign
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri A sturdy depiction of the grace that accompanies turning an enemy into a friend. Feature
Truman A heart-affecting drama about dying, grief, friendship, and love. Foreign
War for the Planet of the Apes The third in a series of sci-fi epics that surges with an unflinching focus on spiritual matters. Feature
Wonder An extraordinarily sensitive drama that tutors us in the spiritual practices of wonder and kindness. Feature
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