After Life An exquisite film about the afterlife that lingers in the mind and in the senses for many days. Foreign
American Beauty A brilliantly acted and inventive satire on the American dream. Feature
Autumn Tale In this enchanting film, our hearts go out to these well-meaning women who only want the best for the friend they love. Feature
Being John Malkovich An Alice-in-Wonderland extravaganza about the yearning we all have, occaisionally, to be someone else. Feature
Children of Heaven A cross-cultural masterpiece that touches the heart and reveals the universality of familial love and the determination of children to make do even in the most dire circumstances. Feature
Dogma A far-out and phantasmagorical morality play about one woman's unorthodox odyssey of faith. Feature
Earth A mix of romantic love, friendship, passion, and political turmoil that goes straight to the heart. Feature
Election A full-fledged critique of the moral emptiness of the archetypal ugly American-those driven go-getters who hurt other people. Feature
October Sky This buoyant movie shows the triumph of the spirit amid a young man's quest to find his true destiny Feature
The Castle One of the best movies ever made about the spiritual practice of contentment -- living in the present moment. Feature
The Cider House Rules A fresh and forceful salute to the spiritual practice of self-esteem. Feature
The End of the Affair The spiritual and redemptive journey of a moody novelist and a woman searching for faith. Feature
The Green Mile The sobering tale of an incarcerated gentle giant and his extraordinary powers. Feature
The Hurricane A mesmerizing drama about the potent force of small incremental doses of hope. Feature
The Insider A gut-wrenching portrait of two stubborn idealists who decide to stand their ground against those who want to silence them. Feature
The Red Violin A spiritually rich and musically sublime drama about the soulful dimensions of beauty. Feature
The Sixth Sense This psychological thriller is about a boy who sees dead people and the therapist who helps him. Feature
The Straight Story An inspiring movie about a man's deep spiritual yearning to reconcile with his brother. Feature
Three Seasons An extraordinary cross-cultural masterpiece shining with incredible images, a keen sense of pace, and a reverence for the incredible yearning of ordinary people. Feature
West Beirut A cross-cultural gem whose adolescent characters struggle to keep their souls alive in the midst of war. Foreign
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