1917 An uncommonly good antiwar film about two British soldiers in World War I sent on a mission of mercy. Feature
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood A moving drama about the transformative spiritual practices of Fred Rogers. Feature
A Hidden Life An immersive story of a conscientious objector to the Nazis, his wife who supported him, and the community who didn't. Feature
Abominable A magical animated film about the power of friendship and music. Animated
Aga Visually stunning portrait of the spiritual struggles of indigenous people to survive. Feature
Always in Season A harrowing and revealing interrogation of the legacy of lynching in the United States. Documentary
American Factory Documentary about how culture clashes in factories highlight changes in the global economy. Documentary
American Heretics: The Politics of the Gospel An educational and intriguing exploration of progressive Christians attempting to reclaim the radical potential of their faith. Documentary
And Breathe Normally A moving story that showcases the need for openness and hospitality in our increasingly constricted world. Foreign
Angels Are Made of Light An engaging documentary about Afghanistan's youth that activates our empathy. Documentary
Another Day of Life An animated documentary presenting a journalist's poignant perspectives on the horrors of war. Animated
Ash Is Purest White An affecting epic melodrama exploring time, regret, and change. Foreign
Blinded by the Light A buoyant tribute to the power of music to change lives. Feature
Dark Waters A chronicle of courageous and tenacious investigations by a lawyer into harm caused by unregulated DuPont chemicals. Feature
Diane A deeply spiritual movie that provides a slice of a caregiver's life. Feature
For Sama A heart-wrenching and unflinching documentary filmed by a young mother and citizen journalist living through the siege of Aleppo, Syria. Documentary
Gift A documentary showing how art keeps moving in circles of sharing, giving, and generosity. Documentary
Harriet A moving biopicture of Harriet Tubman as a courageous and charismatic freedom fighter. Feature
Honeyland A heart-stirring eco-documentary about a nurturing female beekeeper in Macedonia. Documentary
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World A beautiful animated feature celebrating supportive friendships between humans and animals. Animated
In the Aisles (In den Gangen) A portrait of life after hours in a warehouse supermarket that illustrates the way of tenderness. Foreign
Jirga A powerful story of a soldier seeking forgiveness and to make amends for a war crime in an Afghan village. Feature
Knock Down the House A brisk and meaningful look at four women running for Congress and hoping to change American politics. Documentary
Light of My Life An extraordinary and deeply spiritual drama about the power of stories and the parent-child bond. Feature
Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice A top-drawer documentary about the longtime reigning queen of pop music. Documentary
Little Women The classic novel creatively recast as an exploration of sisterhood and the family as a school of love. Feature
Little Woods A bleak but edifying slice of small town drama in the midst of an opioid crisis. Feature
Los Reyes A gentle portrait of canine friendship in an urban skate park. Documentary
Mary Magdalene A creative, relevant, and reverent film about Mary Magdalene, a deeply spiritual woman for all ages. Feature
Midnight Traveler A moving story of migration captured on three iPhones. Documentary
Mother A touching documentary about the three virtues of a compassionate caregiver. Documentary
Non-Fiction A dramedy about all the ways digital technology is shaking the book publishing world to its core. Foreign
One Child Nation A deeply personal journey through a nation’s shadowy population control policy. Documentary
Pain and Glory (Dolor y Gloria) A career-high glimpse into an artist’s triumphs and tribulations. Foreign
Parasite (Gisaengchung) A masterpiece in filmmaking and class warfare dissection. Foreign
Peterloo A mesmerizing historical drama about democratic fervor met with ruthless brutality. Feature
Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Portrait de la Jeune Fil… A sensitive and exhilarating period piece about forbidden love. Foreign
Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins Thought-provoking documentary on the journalist whose humor challenged government incompetence and social injustices. Documentary
Rosie Moving drama about a suddenly homeless family dealing with the challenges of this increasingly common situation. Feature
Sea of Shadows A documentary that unreels like an action thriller to tell the story of attempts to save the vaquita porpoise from extinction. Feature
Steven Universe: The Movie A delightful and moving animated fable about change and community. Animated
The Best of Enemies A remarkable film of hope, daring, and vision about a process whereby enemies are transformed into friends. Feature
The Biggest Little Farm The hopeful story of a natural farm built on biodiversity and a recognition of interconnections, impermanence, and transformation. Documentary
The Cave An emotionally rich portrait of an inspiring young doctor caring for her patients in the Syrian war. Documentary
The Farewell A sweetly moving portrait of a family facing its matriarch’s impending death. Feature
The Last Black Man in San Francisco A uniquely affecting meditation on race, gentrification, and belonging. Feature
The Lavender Scare Another shocking and horrific expose of American hatred and ignorance. Documentary
The Report The story of the long Congressional investigation into the CIA use of torture with suspected terrorists. Feature
The River and the Wall A remarkable documentary that gives us hope that young people documenting the consequences of a border wall will make a difference. Documentary
The Two Popes An enlightening drama about the humanity and differing visions for the church of Pope Benedict and Pope Francis. Feature
Tigers Are Not Afraid (Vuelven) A haunting fairy tale with an urgent message. Foreign
Toy Story 4 The latest adventure from a franchise that encourages us to find and express our purpose in life. Animated
Transit An elusive but effective exploration of migration and liminal space. Foreign
Woman at War A watershed Icelandic film which will speak to the hearts and minds of all committed women who are working toward the creation of an ecological civilization. Foreign
Ximei An affecting portrait of a fierce social justice fighter. Documentary
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