(500) Days of Summer A fresh and appealing romantic drama brimming with heart, creativity, and panache. Feature
A Serious Man A thought-provoking spiritual original that salutes the mystery of God, the futility of seeking answers, and the need to live as best we can. Feature
Afghan Star An extraordinary documentary about an American Idol-like TV in contemporary Afghanistan. Documentary
American Violet A powerful drama that will make your blood boil if you are sensitive to stories about injustice and racism. Feature
Amreeka The uplifting story of a resilient Palestinian mother and her son struggling to make a new life in America. Feature
Avatar A thematically rich, visually impressive sci-fi/fantasy masterpiece that gives us a cosmology in sync with contemporary spirituality movements. Feature
Away We Go An incredibly original and appealing drama about the quest of two intimate lovers to find the perfect home to raise their child. Feature
Battle for Terra A sci-fi computer animated film about some nasty invaders and a resourceful teenage girl. Feature
Bright Star A spellbinding story on the mystical and ecstatic nature of true love and its effects upon those around the lovers. Feature
Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country A moving documentary about the courage of underground video journalists covering the 2007 protests in Burma. Documentary
Cherry Blossoms An exquisitely acted and visually stunning German drama which vividly conveys the beauty and profundity of impermanence. International
Cold Souls An engrossing surreal comedy that takes an inventive look at soul, dreams, emotions, and the emptiness of a life devoid of meaning. Feature
Crude A dramatic documentary about the "Amazon Chernobyl" case where indigenous tribal groups are fighting the multinational corporation Chevron. Documentary
Departures An exquisite cinematic masterpiece that touches the heart with its treatment of beauty, music, death, and abandonment. International
District 9 A bold and creative science fiction adventure that shows the dire consequences of hating strangers and ignoring the practice of hospitality. Feature
Everlasting Moments An extraordinary film about a poor working-class mother of seven who keeps her soul alive through nurturing her talent as a photographer. International
Fantastic Mr. Fox A delightful adaptation of a Roald Dahl children's tale about a charming, smart and cunning fox and his quest to be true to his animal nature. Animated
Food, Inc. A bracing and disturbing documentary about the industrialization of farming and the growing power of the unregulated food industry. Documentary
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs A lively and appealing 3-D animated feature about an extended family of animal friends who bond even closer to each other on a rousing adventure. Feature
In the Loop A lively movie that sends sparks flying with its depiction of insanity and incompetence among powerful political players in London and Washington. Feature
Invictus An astonishing movie about the power of forgiveness, the importance of sports, the art of transformative leadership, and the reconciliation of the races. Feature
Julie & Julia A charming film that celebrates both culinary creativity and the spiritual practice of enthusiasm. Feature
Lemon Tree (Etz Limon) An important movie about the healing power of empathy in the continuing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. International
Phoebe in Wonderland An impressive family drama that salutes the power of the imagination and the challenges faced by unconventional children. Feature
Ponyo A charming fairy tale about a goldfish who becomes a girl and a little boy who loves her and introduces her with pride to his world of wonders. Animated
Precious An emotionally poignant film about a degraded and abused African-American teenage girl whose life is turned around by the concern of an inspiring teacher. Feature
Seraphine An extraordinary French film about a deeply religious cleaning woman with a passion for creating luminous paintings. International
Summer Hours (L'heure d'été) A brilliantly acted and bittersweet Chekhovian drama about family, art, memory, money, globalization, and impermanence. International
The Cove A thoroughly shocking documentary about the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. Documentary
The Garden A compelling documentary about an urban garden collective and their spirited fight for justice. Documentary
The Hurt Locker A riveting Iraqi war film about three members of an Army bomb dismantling squad in Baghdad. Feature
The Invention of Lying A romantic comedy that shows us a closer and deeper sensitivity to the sharp edges of honesty and the ways in which deceptions can both heal and harm. Feature
The Maid (La Nana) A portrait of how an enthusiastic woman brings freshness and novelty into the life of a longtime maid who has sunk into exhaustion and depression. International
The Messenger An emotionally affecting drama about the birth of compassion in an Iraq war hero assigned to work for the Casualty Notification Office. Feature
The Soloist A deeply spiritual movie about the moral complexities of helping another person. Feature
The Song of Sparrows An Iranian gem which shows great compassion and respect for human beings and their failings. International
The Way We Get By An extraordinary documentary that celebrates the kindness of three elders who serve as troop greeters in Bangor, Maine. Documentary
The White Ribbon / Das Weisse Band A dark and foreboding film about the seeds of hatred in the home that can lead to the rise of fascism. International
They Killed Sister Dorothy An engrossing documentary on the life and work of Amazonian activist Sister Dorothy Stang and the trial of those involved in her murder in 2005. Documentary
Treeless Mountain A wonder-inducing drama about a six-year-old Korean girl who takes on adult responsibilities when she and her little sister are abandoned. International
Unmistaken Child A compelling, enlightening, and emotionally absorbing documentary about the quest for a reincarnated Tibetan master. Documentary
Up A charming animated feature about a memorable cross-generation friendship that is also a probe on the true meaning of adventure. Animated
Up in the Air A bright, sassy, and relevant story about home, connections, unemployment, technology, and traveling light. Feature
Where the Wild Things Are A haunting, innovative, and poignant film about childhood that may have you howling with the Wild Things inside and around you. Feature
Youssou N'dour: I Bring What I Love An edifying cinematic exploration of the soul of a big-hearted African Sufi singer. Documentary
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