4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days A riveting and realistic Romanian film about an abortion and a young woman who proves that friendship is the crown of life. Foreign
A Man Named Pearl An extraordinary documentary about a talented African-American and a community brought to life by his artistry, enthusiasm,and generosity. Documentary
August Evening A shooting star of a movie that stirs us with its many different textures of beauty. Feature
Australia A spellbinding, old-fashioned adventure story with many magical moments of high drama, emotional catharsis, and awesome cinematic beauty. Feature
Bab'Aziz - The Prince Who Contemplated His Soul An enchanting and parabolic film about the beauty, grace, humility, and love of the Sufi path of the heart. Foreign
Brick Lane A poetic and sensitive drama about a Bangladesh village girl's life in England and her valiant struggle to stand on her own. Feature
Burn After Reading A delightful black comedy by the Coen brothers that pokes fun at some of the obsessions of our frantic times. Feature
Caramel Five women in a beauty salon in Beirut struggling to find their small share of happiness as they buckle under societal and religious pressures. Foreign
Chicago 10 An unusual documentary about protesters against the Vietnam War with an important message about defending dissent and free speech. Documentary
Constantine's Sword A poignant and passionately presented depiction of church-sanctioned violence against Jews. Documentary
Doubt A brilliantly acted and thought-provoking spiritual drama about faith, openness, certainty, and not knowing. Feature
Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! A joyous and kind-hearted romp with Horton the caring elephant on a mission of mercy for the small ones. Animated
Flow An important and enlightening documentary about the global war over water. Documentary
Frost/Nixon A fascinating and riveting film about a television personality and a former President who share a dependence on others for respect. Feature
Frozen River A memorable story about the power of synchronicity to change peoples lives by helping them realize their connection to the great web of life. Feature
Gran Torino An extraordinary spiritual movie about an angry old man whose heart is softened through his relationships with members of a Hmong immigrant family. Feature
Happy-Go-Lucky A joyous film about a free spirited enthusiast that will lift your spirits. Feature
Henry Poole Is Here A deeply spiritual movie about miracles, hope, love, and living in the present. Feature
I Served the King of England A robust and ribald picaresque tale told with comic élan and philosophical panache. Foreign
I've Loved You So Long A literate and lithe French drama about the spiritual transformation of a woman who has spent 15 years in prison. Foreign
Man on Wire A compelling documentary about a man's sensational walk on a wire between the Word Trade Center Twin Towers in 1974. Documentary
Milk A superlative biopicture about the gay activist who worked tirelessly for the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender individuals. Feature
My Father My Lord (Hofshat Kaits) A parabolic Israeli film which speaks volumes about the nature of devotion to God. Foreign
Pray the Devil Back to Hell The stirring account of Liberian women who as creative and nonviolent activists brought peace to their country in 2003. Documentary
Praying with Lior An emotionally rich documentary about the bar mitzvah of a spiritually vibrant 13-year-old boy with Down Syndrome. Documentary
Rachel Getting Married A powerful family drama that reveals when forgiveness is hard, compassion is a healing balm. Feature
Redbelt A riveting drama where the ethics and rigorous idealism of a gifted Jiu-Jitsu teacher are challenged Feature
Slumdog Millionaire A phantasmagorical movie filled with dazzling and varied sights of India, characters we can cheer for, and a jubilant message about destiny and love. Feature
Stellet Light (Silent Light) A deeply spiritual drama set in rural Mexico about a Mennonite farmer, adultery, and the grace of God. Foreign
Stranded: I've Come from a Plane That Crashed... An impressive spiritual meditation on the values of community, self-sacrifice and unity with others. Documentary
The Class A rounded and revealing portrait of a French teacher in a multiracial Parisian school and the challenges he faces in the classroom. Foreign
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button The wild adventures of an outsider with a strange physical condition who makes the most out of his journey through life. Feature
The Dhamma Brothers A remarkable documentary about inmates at an Alabama prison who do a 10-day silent meditation retreat. Documentary
The Edge of Heaven (Auf Der Anderen Seite) This drama depicts the complicated feelings connected with familial love and dealing with strangers. Foreign
The Secret Life of Bees A remarkable and heart-affecting screen version of a deeply spiritual novel about the healing and transforming power of love. Feature
The Tale of Despereaux An absolutely wonderful CG-animated screen version of a Newbery Award winning children's book about courage, love, light, and forgiveness. Animated
The Visitor A touching and impressive film that depicts the way a professor's closed-off heart is opened by music, friendship, and love. Feature
The Wrestler A compelling and poignant anatomy of one over-the-hill man's encounter with the excruciating pain and isolation of loneliness. Feature
The Year My Parents Went on Vacation An emotionally touching film about the spiritual riches of hospitality experienced by an abandoned boy in a strange place. Foreign
Trouble the Water A riveting documentary about some African-American survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Documentary
WALL.E The tender and touching story of a lonely robot on Earth who falls in love and becomes a spiritual teacher to all who encounter him. Feature
Waltz with Bashir A chilling Israeli animated documentary which revolves around the 1982 massacre of 3,000 unarmed Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Animated
Wendy and Lucy A compassionate account of an enterprising young woman on her way to Alaska to find work who falls into peril. Feature
Yes Man A frolicsome spiritual comedy about a loser whose life is turned around by opening himself up to a new world of wild possibilities. Feature
Young@Heart An extraordinary documentary about a senior citizen chorus that reveals singing as a spiritual practice. Documentary
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