Calling All Fools - April Fool's Day The history of April Fool's Day plus ways to be playful in everyday life. Play
National Library Week Celebrating the contributions of our nation's libraries and library workers. Meaning
Birthday of Jane Goodall Observing the birthday of a UN Messenger of Peace and foremost expert on chimpanzees. Reverence
Birthday of Maya Angelou (PDP) Remembering the writer and civil-rights activist awarded the 2011 U.S. Presidential Medal of F… Imagination
Pesach (Passover) Suggestions for observing this Jewish Holiday. Faith
Golden Rule Day A time to dethrone ourselves, put others first, and live in unity with all beings on the planet. Kindness
Birthday of Ram Dass Ways to celebrate the birthday of the Ram Dass, New Age pioneer and teacher of being present. Being Present
The Gifts of Good Friday: Compassion and Mercy Two ways to understand the power and the significance of Jesus' suffering on the cross. Compassion
Easter: Resurrection as a Spiritual Practice 37 ways to make rebirth and renewal a practice in everyday life. Transformation
Birthday of Paul Robeson Remembering the multi-talented artist who took stands against racism and for black liberation. Justice
Teilhard de Chardin Day Quotations and a mantra from the writings of the French Jesuit theologian and visionary. Vision
Birthday of Dolores Huerta (PDP) Recognizing the contributions of the Chicano labor leader with books, a film, and practices. Justice
Anniversary of Apollo 13 Moon Mission (PDP) A space mission intended to be a lunar landing that became a test of courage. Questing
Birthday of Amy Goodman (PDP) An award-winning journalist and writer who tirelessly advocates for the necessity of independe… Justice
Birthday of Leonardo da Vinci Observing the birthday of the Italian polymath who epitomized the phrase "Renaissance Man." Imagination
National Parks Week A week for special appreciation of and activities in U.S. national parks. Beauty
Laylat al-Qadr The Night of Power which commemorates the revelation of the Holy Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad. Devotion
Birthday of John Muir A celebration of the naturalist, botanist, and geologist who founded the Sierra Club. Reverence
Eid al-Fitr Breaking of the Fast, a holiday ending the month of Ramadan. Faith
Earth Day: 12 Spiritual Practices to Honor the Earth A set of practices you can do to honor the Earth over the next months. Unity