Birthday of Dr. Seuss Ways to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss whose keen sense of play charms children and adults. Play
Birthday of Karl Rahner Quotations to ponder and practice from the Catholic theologian and mystic. Devotion
Ash Wednesday Two ways to observe the beginning of Lent, from creative Christian writer Ed Hays. Devotion
Jean-Pierre de Caussade Day Honoring the French Jesuit by acknowledging the velocities of God's grace in the present moment. Being Present
International Women's Day An annual call for gender parity and a celebration of women's achievements. Justice
Honoring Harriet Tubman (PDP) Celebrating the legacy of this heroine of the Underground Railroad. Vision
Birthday of Albert Einstein Celebrate Einstein with a practice of X-The Mystery and a perusal of his wisdom quotes. Meaning
St. Patrick's Day Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a prayer, a green spirit, and joy in your heart. Play
Birthday of Sir Richard Burton Opening to other cultures and the thrill of the quest with the great British explorer as your mentor… Questing
First Day of Spring: 12 Ways to Inaugurate the Season Spiritual exercises for your celebrations of the start of spring this week. Wonder
Purim A celebration with cookies, a biblical story, noisemakers, and a chance to laugh at our enemies and … Play
Feast Day of St. Cuthbert Observe this day by trying to reconcile people who are on opposite sides of the fence. Peace
Birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach Celebrating the birthday of the renowned Baroque musician. Reverence
World Water Day A day for prayer, study, and activism around the world water crisis. Justice
Birthday of Flannery O'Connor Gems from the southern Christian writer who conveyed the wild ways salvation crashes life's party. X-The Mystery
Birthday of Catherine of Siena Two ways to observe the birthday of this Catholic mystic, theologian and activist. Hope
Walt Whitman Ways to celebrate Walt Whitman's durability: read a poem and create a mantra from a favorite line. Enthusiasm
Meister Eckhart Day Mystical meanings at the core of reality from the fourteenth century Dominican priest and theologian… X-The Mystery
Birthday of Pearl Bailey A day to honor the contributions of award-winning performer, author, and U.N. adviser Pearl Bailey. Love
Earth Hour Earth Hour will be celebrated between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. in your local time zone. Reverence