Arts Reviews

Into Light Devotional music in eight mantras and chants sung by Deva Premal. Devotion
Transitions Melodic and inspiring music to stir the soul during the many transitions of life. Hope
Songs of the Spirit III Songs and chants that stir the soul and serve as bells calling us to attention and personal renewal.… Devotion
One People Devotional music and ballads from the popular Jewish singer/songwriter. Devotion
Everything Changes Songs conveying the spiritual meanings of change and resting in the riddle of not knowing. Transformation
Music in My Soul Songs that present a positive and life-affirming spiritual perspective. Joy
Camaradas Sacred songs that touch the heart and heal with perfect harmonies. Love
One Voice A spiritual CD with ballads, devotional songs, and tributes to women. Connections
The Gift A collection of ballads based on the psalms, poetry, and sacred writings which give us intimations o… Gratitude
By Breath Immensely appealing folk music-a jewel shining brightly with wonder and a zeal for justice, freedom,… Unity
Reach Up A melodic, soul-stirring, and high-energy CD that is designed to be used as a soundtrack for your sp… Transformation
Celtic Origins An extraordinary collection of devotional songs, folk ballads, and popular songs rendered with elega… Devotion
Celtic Joy Melodic inspiration Christmas songs exquisitely performed. Joy
Into Silence Elegant and serene sacred chants performed with beauty and devotion. Devotion
Through a Dog's Ear An unusual and practical CD put together by a psychoacoustic expert, a concert pianist, and a veteri… Peace
Celtic Pilgrimage Lyrical harp music inspired by a pilgrimage to the lands of the Celts. Questing
Rhythms of the Chakras Healing and therapeutic music for the chakras. Nurturing
Women In Chant Gregorian chants for the Christmas season by the Benedictine Nuns of the Abbey of Regina Laudis. Devotion
In the Key of Earth Healing sonic and acoustic music that connects us to the rhythms of the Earth. Listening
Coming Home An exquisite debut album by an Israeli guitarist and an American singer consisting of Hebrew chants … Devotion