9-11 Ponders the sacramental mystery of this tragedy.
A Book of Life A rich smorgasbord of rituals, ethical insights, and devotional strategies for those seeking to uncover the depth dimensions of everyday life.
A Monk in the World Practices that can be done in the city where pluralism, interfaith encounter, and a contemplative lifestyle stretch our souls.
A Sideways Look at Time A brilliant, inventive, and comprehensive masterwork of cultural criticism about spirituality and modern life.
Being Zen Practices for dealing with anger, fear, pain, and suffering.
Blessings on the Wind Contains five flags and an explanation of the history and significance of this devotional tool.
Breakfast Epiphanies A fascinating and edifying tutorial on this spiritual practice.
Caught in Fading Light An exceptional work of spiritual literacy that shows the marvels that can be found through questing.
Chasing Rumi A love story that reaches into the depths of the heart while traversing the bounties of the imagination.
Climbing Jacob's Ladder A superb introduction to a series of time-tested spiritual practices that foster self-awareness and elevate the soul.
Creativity Reveals how this faculty is the alchemy that can transform us and our world as we move to the next level of evolution.
Ethical Wills An invaluable resource for anyone on a spiritual journey who wants to bequeath the gift of meaning to others.
Everyday Grace Speaks cogently to the passions, fears, tensions, and yearnings of our times.
Faith Melds incidents from her life with a profound and always creative re-imagining of this important human faculty.
God in the Balance Challenges us to become warriors for peace and mutuality in a world caught in a vise of escalating violence.
Healing Lazarus Part memoir and part teaching on the lessons accompanying a healing journey.
Hope's Edge An inspiring vision of what can be done to foster ecological sanity and community development.
I'd Rather Teach Peace A forceful, dynamic, and prophetic case for nonviolence in a culture addicted to violence.
Infinite Circle An inspiring and revolutionary interpretation of prajna wisdom as a compassionate and fulfilling way of being in the world.
Keeping Silence Wise and helpful counsel on this important spiritual activity.
Learning to Fall Salutes the spiritual practice of attention as a passport to meaning in our lives.
Living Icons Examines the lives and writings of visionaries in this tradition who have been pioneers of the spiritual practices of hospitality and openness.
Love Poems from God The inspired words of mystics who savored play, imagination, and devotion as spiritual practices.
Naikan An invaluable resource for anyone who practices everyday spirituality.
No Death, No Fear Presents the author's understanding of death and reveals freedom as one of the most important benefits of mindfulness.
One-Liners A jump-start for your devotional reading with its spunky insights.
Pay Attention, for Goodness' Sake A primer packed with stories, teachings, and exercises on the Buddha's Ten Paramitas.
Prayer Notes to a Friend Richly rewarding collection of devotional exercises for frisky Christians at play in fields of wonder.
Small Wonder A searing collection of 23 essays that opens our hearts and minds to uncomfortable truths about the American way of life.
Spiritual Genius A watershed work on the way gifted, energetic, and inspiring individuals around the world are making a difference in the affairs of the planet thanks to their spiritual practices.
Spiritual Leaders Who Changed the World Pays tribute to a wide variety of prophets and activists from all the world's religions who have deepened and enriched their times.
The American Soul Encourages all citizens to join in a most important task: to reimagine and bring to life the spiritual underpinnings of the republic.
The Better World Handbook Resources and plans of action for individuals and groups working for positive social change.
The Blindfold's Eyes A remarkable memoir of an extraordinary woman of faith whose ardent quest for justice and truth is a shining light for us all.
The Book of Mystical Chapters Brings to life 300 radiant and Spirit-filled quotations that will stir your soul.
The Cosmic Dance Enthralling and reverent readings of the deep connections between humans and the natural world.
The Future of Peace Draws out our connections with all those who suffer while nurturing within us the spirit of nonviolence and compassionate action.
The Good Life Proves that the character-building virtues of the Christian path can provide both meaning and adventure to all our days and doings.
The Haunt of Grace An amazing collection of sermons that might just change the color of your mind.
The Path of Prayer Explores devotion as a mansion with many different and splendid rooms.
The Sacred Art of Listening Offers a rich and multidimensional understanding of this important spiritual skill.
The Soul's Religion A soulful approach to our beliefs that emphasizes mystery as an essential ingredient.
The Thomas Merton Encyclopedia An invaluable resource on the life and writings of the great Trappist monk and pathfinder.
The Way Presents sharing as a practice that gives meaning to lives and helps make things better in the world as well.
The Wisdom of Islam A rich and full-hearted overview of this religious path with a masterful mix of juicy quotations, insightful commentary, and devotional exercises.
The Wise Earth Speaks to Your Spirit An imaginative resource that can be used as a spur to creativity, self-examination, and wonder.
What's Happening to Home? An incisive overview of the major challenges facing individuals seeking refuge in this job-centric culture.
Words of Common Sense for Mind, Body, and Soul Salutes proverbs as a source of cross-cultural wisdom.
Working with Oneness A clarion call to the Friends of God to practice mystical activism by moving beyond duality to unity.
Yoga Gems An illuminating collection of spiritual and psychological insights.