A Book of Hours A collection of prayers and meditations by Thomas Merton.
A Dynamic God Cogent and creative essays about spirituality by a self-professed unconventional Catholic.
A Thousand Names for Joy A commentary that uses the Tao Te Ching as a launch pad for musings on the experience of being human in our times.
Acts of Faith A fascinating memoir about the founder of an interfaith youth movement that combines pluralism with compassionate service.
Amish Grace A soulful meditation by three scholars on the Amish practice of forgiveness and loving one's enemies.
Animals Matter A convincing exploration of why we should care for and share with animals.
Chasing Joy An exuberant guidebook to joyful living where laughter, love, patience, hope, singing, smiles, and happiness are celebrated.
Dear Lama Zopa Wisdom from a Tibetan spiritual teacher for students and others who have written him letters about the challenges in their lives.
Eastern Wisdom for Western Minds Models hospitality as a way for Christians to enrich their faith with the principles and practices of Eastern religions.
Emerging Heart A bold and adventuresome vision of a new global spirituality that is mystical, nonviolent, compassionate and heart-centered.
Entering the Castle Uses Teresa of Avila's The Interior Castle as a launch pad for becoming mystics without monasteries who yearn to connect with God.
Everyday Holiness Presents a sturdy and substantive spiritual curriculum that nourishes the soul and provides of plethora of practices to try every day.
Everyday Miracles A collection of inspiring essays on everyday spirituality.
Everything Must Change A visionary work that relates Jesus and Christianity to the global crises of our time and offers love, peace, justice and hope.
Fabulous Friendship Festival A charming and frolicsome look at the creativity and joy of friendship.
Finding God in a Tangled World A soul-stirring collection of parables and thoughts by two Christians in Latvia.
Grace (Eventually) Another quirky and appealing collection of essays on Lamott's Christian journey of faith.
Happiness and the Human Spirit A probe of the connection between happiness and spirituality.
Instant Enlightenment A playful collection of exercises and helpful aphorisms on the spiritual practice of openness, love and shadow.
Jake Fades A juicy Zen novel about teachers, sex and letting go.
Living a Joyous Life An enthusiastic presentation of Judaism animated by deep spiritual meanings and a joy that keeps growing.
Living Your Unlived Life Presents the tools and exercises which can help us deal with our shadow and our unlived lives.
May I Have This Dance? An inspiring and imaginative devotional resource that opens us to a deeper and richer prayer life.
Momfulness A lively and eclectic group of spiritual practices that mothers and other family members can do at home and elsewhere.
Not for Sale An incisive overview of the global slave trade epidemic and the heroic contributions of modern-day abolitionists to stop human trafficking.
Notes on the Need for Beauty An enthralling, poetic, and creative meditation on beauty and the important role it plays in our lives.
Noticing the Divine Challenging overview of the art of spiritual guidance in this age of deep ecumenism.
One City A rich and multidimensional presentation of interdependence as an important Buddhist spiritual practice.
Passionate Hearts An extraordinary collection of 117 poems of sexual love.
Porch Talk A relaxed and edifying collection of stories demonstrating the art of everyday spirituality with pieces on family, marriage, friendship, simplicity, and more.
Pray All Ways Concrete ways to pray and to explore the riches of our devotional life.
Sightings Twelve well-written and creative essays designed to draw out our wonder and respect for the beauty and mystery of birds and other creatures.
Sky Sweeper An exceptional children's book that reveals the spiritual nature of work. For Children
Speaking of Faith A top-drawer spiritual memoir that refurnishes and expands our understanding and appreciation of faith, religion, and spirituality.
Thanks! An upbeat and enlightening scientific study of the positive and life-enhancing values of gratitude.
The Art of Power Reframes the art of power and gives us a fresh, practical, and spiritual way of thinking about it and incorporating it in our lives.
The Desert Mothers Challenges us to learn from the wisdom and spiritual practices of the fourth century desert mothers.
The Garden of Truth An erudite, enlightening and wide-ranging overview of Sufism, its history and practice.
The Lost Spiritual World: Mark A beautifully designed interfaith work using the Gospel of Mark as a launch pad for meditations on a spirituality that is open, hosipitable, and flexible in its outreach.
The Moral Measure of the Economy A cogent overview of the inequalities and injustices afoot in the U.S. economy.
The Power of Kindness A rich and rounded exploration of kindness and eighteen different dimensions of it.
The Tao of Daily Life A top-drawer collection of Taoist teaching stories and commentaries on this ancient path.
The Way of the Small Makes a good case for the way of the small in a world warped by grandiose dreams and schemes.
Three Cups of Tea A one-man Peace Corps who has worked humanitarian wonders in Muslim communities in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Untrain Your Parrot and Other No Nonsense Instructio… Practical and imaginative insights into the conditioned mind and ways to live a wholehearted life of love and peace and joy.
Visionaries Profiles and quotations from 100 visionaries chosen by the editors of Resurgence magazine.
Welcome to the Wisdom of the World and Its Meaning f… Wisdom literature from all the world's religions on the spiritual challenges of life.
What Is Hinduism? A rich and robust resource on the diversity, practices, rituals, and challenges of modern-day Hinduism.
When No One Understands Wise counsel dispensed by a family therapist to a troubled 16-year-old d girl through 20 letters.
Wisdom Walk Wisdom from nine world religions in the form of one spiritual practice for each.