A Good Life A fine primer on everyday spirituality bolstered by practice.
A Hidden Wholeness Explores the meaning of community, teaching and learning for transformation, and the importance of nonviolent social change.
American Shaman Filled with amazing stories, meaningful rituals, and insights into the varied ways that the shamanistic practices of indigenous peoples can enrich our lives.
At Hell's Gate Bears witness to the power of meditation and mindfulness to transform the soul and open the way to nonviolence and a compassionate life.
Awake at Work One of the best books written about practicing spirituality on the job.
Beauty An imaginative, sweeping, and enthusiastic survey of this spiritual practice.
Bethlehem Besieged An inspiring work by a Palestinian Arab who is a Lutheran minister.
Between Two Souls An extraordinary book of poetry that demonstrates the beauty and the bounties of spiritual openness, hospitality, and connections.
Beyond Words A wonderful collection of this Christian writer's attempts to catch the muffled presence of the Holy in everyday life.
Bring Me the Rhinoceros Brings to life the practice of using enigmatic queries to encourage curiosity and uncover a hidden kindness in life.
Celebrating Life Lifts up and affirms what is best in religion.
Clarence Jordan Sermons and translations from his Cotton Patch version of the New Testament.
Communing with Music An ideal resource for those on a spiritual journey who want to make the most out of all their experiences.
Credo A soul-stirring collection of quotations from this preacher's sermons and unpublished speeches overflowing with passion, imaginative political insights, and prophetic commentary on the most troubling …
Desert Father Presents the author's quest to learn from the ascetic practices of a fourth century hermit who was a pioneer of spirit.
Exuberance A lively and imaginative treatment of an elated state, a cousin to enthusiasm, happiness, and joy, that is rarely discussed in psychological literature.
First Steps to a New Jewish Spirit Rituals and spiritual practices that can be done at work, in the home, or on the streets.
Gilead An enchanting novel about an elderly Congregational minister and the legacies and memories he wants to pass on to his seven-year-old son.
God Has a Dream Sums up the ideas and beliefs that have served as the foundation of the South African archbishop's sermons, speeches and writings.
Hasidic Tales New translations and interpretations of these stories filled with insights into human nature and Divine activity in everyday life.
In the Heart of the Temple A soul-stirring collection of articles that give equal emphasis to contemplation and social action.
Infinite Life Presents ethical exercises and meditations that reveal the bounties of selflessness, interconnections, and a joyous path of freedom.
Invisible Heroes Exercises and regimens for severely traumatized individuals.
Living Affinity Teachings and practices that grow out of envisioning the interdependence of all things.
Long Life Contains little alleluias to the bounties of nature, animals, the soul, place, and literature.
Messages from Amma 125 teachings from this modern day Indian saint.
Nature's Way Challenges us to reinstitute this sacred path.
Once Upon a Time in Africa Gems on family, community, joy, and the ancestors.
One Hundred Days of Solitude Salutes the riches that come from spiritual practice during a 100-day winter experience in the woods of New England.
Passion for God Theological essays on suffering, violence and God; the cross of Jesus; embodiment; spirituality; and friendship.
Praying a New Story The perfect resource for small groups interested in exploring new avenues of devotion and spiritual practice.
Re-enchantment Richly developed profiles of Buddhist teachers in a substantive historical overview of this movement.
Sacred Therapy Insights and practices to enhance your ongoing soul work.
Testimony An incisive overview of the author's ardent faith, prophetic words, and ethical convictions.
The Cheating Culture A hard-hitting work of social criticism that delineates some reasons for the ethical disarray in the United States.
The Drowned Book A treasure trove of insights into yearning, mystery, and grace.
The Future of Ice Gretel Ehrlich pays tribute to winter and glaciers and envisions what will be lost in a deseasoned world.
The Gospel of Thomas An inspiring paperback for those who want to practice the wisdom of Jesus and step into the Kingdom of God right now here on earth.
The Impossible Will Take a Little While A true hope booster with essays by some of the most eloquent, visionary, and provocative people of our time.
The Lost Art of Compassion A thorough and enthusiastic job covering this important spiritual practice.
The Passionate Troubadour A radical, bold, and full-hearted salute to the legacy of a holy man of the margins.
The Questions of Jesus Opens up new doors and leads us on the paths of peace, justice, compassion, and nonviolence.
The Secret Life of God An imaginative spiritual exploration of the challenges we all face as agents of the divine in the unfolding of the world.
The Spiral Staircase The second installment of the author's spiritual memoir, from when she left a Catholic convent to the present when she still thinks about God and spirituality.
The Virtue in the Vice Examines these as pathways to ethical action and a more balanced life in troubled times.
The Working Poor A harrowing portrait of the plight of the millions of men, women, and children who are struggling just to survive with dead-end and low-paying jobs.
The Zen of Creativity Spiritual practices and helpful exercises to draw out this expressive force within us all.
What Would I Believe If I Didn't Believe Anything? A example of the riches awaiting those who explore everyday spirituality with mystery, wonder, and joy.
When Jesus Came to Harvard Relates the stories of Jesus and stories about him to some of the most nettlesome ethical and moral conundrums of our times.
Why I Am a Muslim Offers feisty insights into Islam and the many misconceptions people have about it.