A Commuter's Guide to Enlightenment Spiritual practices and meditations on turning commuting into an opportunity for enlightenment.
A Life at Work The bestselling writer's advice on how to dig deeper and discover the soulful meanings of your life's work.
A Monk in the Inner City A spiritual primer on applying Benedictine values to life in the inner city where poverty, injustice and violence hold sway.
Acedia & Me An incisive and edifying memoir and meditation on acedia, a debilitating condition of the soul.
Being with Dying An extraordinary collection of teachings, personal stories, meditations and spiritual practices on being with dying.
Between Earth and Sky A capacious and enlightening book about the importance of trees in our lives.
Building Emotional Intelligence Ways for parents to foster emotional intelligence in children.
Bulletproof Faith Sane and sagacious spiritual advice on surviving in a homophobic culture.
Comfort and Joy A treasure trove of comforts that bring pleasure, satisfaction, and meaning into our lives.
Common Sense Spirituality Essays covering 30 years in the development of Brother David's mystical, everyday spirituality based on the practices of gratitude, faith, and hope.
Feeding Your Demons A wise and healing work on dealing with our demons and coping with inner conflict.
Final Journeys Wise advice on death, dying, and grief from a hospice nurse who has worked with patients and their loved ones since 1981.
Finding Beauty in a Broken World Explores beauty, community, and brokenness in Italy, in the lives of a prairie dog clan in Bryce Canyon in Utah, and in a village in Rwanda.
Finding Our Way Again A dramatic and adventuresome emergent form of everyday Christian spirituality based on seven ancient practices.
Giving - The Sacred Art A rich multifaith guidebook on a lifestyle of generosity.
Great Peacemakers Presents 20 peacemakers from around the world and their messages of hope, meaning and transformation.
Haiku Mind A wonderful collection that serves as a springboard to the spiritual practices of being present, attention, wonder, beauty and compassion.
Holy Simplicity Explores the importance of the little way in the lives of three saintly Catholic women.
In Constant Prayer An irresistible affirmation of the ancient Christian practice of the daily office as a devotional expression of prayer without ceasing.
In the Eye of the Storm Explains his understanding and vision of Christianity as a religion of liberation
Integral Life Practice An overview of the practices and perspectives that can transform your life, promote inner work, and keep you fully alive every day.
Interactive Faith A handy resource on the growing interfaith movement filled with practical ideas and an abundance of resources.
Jewish Dharma An extraordinary book on the relevance of the teachings and spiritual practices of Judaism and Zen to every dimension of our lives.
Leap Before You Look Practical and accessible spiritual practices for deepening and enriching everyday life.
Learning from the Heart Inspiring essays on lessons learned about empathy, dealing with challenges, and caregiving discerned by the author from living as a quadriplegic for 30 years.
Light Comes Through Profound insights into the power of five self-centered emotions, working with others, and emptiness.
Living Deeply Provides a wide-ranging and inspiring map of the spiritual practice of transformation.
Love & Death A courageous and wise work about death and dying.
Love as a Way of Life Presents seven steps on the spiritual practice of love in everyday life.
Love's Ripening New translations of poems by Rumi about love and the opening and softening of the heart.
Mindfully Green The principles and practices of green living and whole Earth thinking.
Open the Door An immensely creative and spiritually refreshing six-week retreat on opening the door of your heart to the true self.
Prayers for Hope and Comfort A fine collection of inspirational quotations, prayers and reflections designed to spur hope and personal renewal.
Progressive & Religious Maps an emerging left-center coalition of authentically religious voices working for social justice and the healing of the planet.
Seven Sacred Pauses A wonderful devotional resource that makes the practice of the Divine Hours relevant to our movement through the sacred rhythms of the day.
Sin Boldly Models for us an adventuresome search for grace in all departments of our lives.
Spiritual Liberation A rousing primer on the path of spiritual maturity and the practice that accompany it.
Stoking the Creative Fires A soulful examination of all the depths and riches of the process of creativity.
The Gift of Years An inspiring and encouraging salute to the great spiritual adventure of aging and being an elder.
The Great Awakening Charts the spiritual revival and zeal for social change and justice in America that has been sparked by some unusual religious coalitions.
The Hidden Spirituality of Men An ambitious and wide-ranging overview of the Sacred Masculine.
The Power of Forgiveness A companion volume to the documentary by Martin Doblmeier that sheds light on the elusive, mysterious and powerful spiritual practice of forgiveness.
The Search for Spirituality An expansive and adventuresome survey to global spirituality and the uncharted territories it is opening up for people.
The Third Jesus Presents The Third Jesus as an enlightened teacher of God-consciousness and personal transformation.
The Wise Heart An exploration and explanation of the riches, breadth, and depth of Buddhist psychology.
Thrift A timely and illuminating overview of the value of thrift as a way of thriving.
To Bless the Space Between Us A salute to blessings as a way of life and a source of meaning, beauty, wonder, grace, healing and transformation.
Why Good People Do Bad Things Examines the wants, needs and habit energies that animate us to self-sabotage and self-destructiveness and then provides some spiritual solutions and practices as antidotes.
Why the Dalai Lama Matters A bold and visionary book about the peaceful and hopeful role that the Dalai Lama can play in resolving the conflict between China and Tibet.
Zen Heart Understandings and practices needed to build a life of awareness, appreciation, and kindness.